Helenor Wastes No Spectrum Space in "Wasteful"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Wind chimey country rhyme and a swaggery sort of sway play to powerful effect in Helenor's intoxicating tune "Wasteful".

Wide open Western tones tickle the spectrum in this Beck-esque masterpiece.

Who is here to blame?

Your smile isn't quite the same.

Your game? Denial.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"It takes a bad apple to realize that all the fruit is bad enough..."

Helenor stirs up a slow-blowing storm of synergistic sounds in "Wasteful," inspiring a mix of emotions with his poetic and loosely narrative approach.

Bass and kick collude. Guitar strings and buzzing synths sing in unison. Vocals slant and drone with riverbed curves over a delicately balanced sonic scene, imparting a pleading sense of serenity to it all. Tension teases in the harmonies, then releases in harmless resolution.


There's a lot of laidback-ness on display in this track. "Wasteful" wades deep into the creative danger zone, doggy paddling in its own puddle of auditory perfection, calm and unscathed.

You can't help but embrace this song's relaxing vibe - it reels you in with ease, pleasing the ear and very nearly touching the heart. How nearly? Test the button below to find out.

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