Held by Efya's "Love"



Efya's newest track "Love" drips mellow warmth. Sunkissed rain with a faltering step.

Opening into dramatic emptiness, "Love" screams passion and pain with all the force of a whisper. It's twelve atmospheres of pressure expressed over a smooth, sliding beat.

Minimal, sleek and deep in the frequencies, "Love" is pleasureful pain.

"Causing me so much pain without you..."

Black rooftops prop up the sky. Twilight burns jet black. Night collapses on the city.


The park is empty. Your heart is full. Drip, drop... Rain smooths the hair against your eyes; blends with tears.

Back and forth you swing, eyes closed, smiling. The sky is crying with you.

"When you find true love, you know you can't go wrong."

Efya's voice punctuates the echoing space of "Love;" brief, muted and flavorful.

The chorus plays like anguished thoughts reeling in circles. Brilliantly fitting for the track and a soft comfort to listen to.

Gentleman's beat is tight, full and replete with elegant subtleties. Slow, entrancing and liquid... It's alive in the background - highlighting the vocals without falling flat on its own.

There's a certain dancehall charm to "Love" that's hard not to, well, love. Its that damp, sticky melody that gets me. For a song about shedding tears, it's pure fire.

Looking for a steamy, slow-roaster of a song? Look no further. "Love" has what you need and more. Listen and listen again.

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