Heather O'Neill Lights Up With "Nicotine & Neon"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Throwback sound with modern attitude... Heather O'Neill's "Nicotine and Neon" is all that alright.

Not one for new-fangled fidgeting, O'Neill's sound is minimalist, raw and unabashedly retro. Unfettered with the heavily processed trappings of modern music, Heather's brand of bop sells old school to the new kids.

"Wish I may, wish I might..."

Sidle into an LED-lit saloon. Your least favorite robot minds the bar.

Snatch at your whiskey and peer through clouds of smoke aglow in green.

Odd Nugget -done

The crowd is lively, and lively turns feisty in a few more hours. But she's up there, alright.

Your muse. Everyone's muse. Strumming a touch guitar to the pulse of futurist debauchery. Your e-cig is lit.

"This is your time..."

There's definitely a bit of Joplin in Heather's voice, but ironed out and nonchalant. The result is an arrow of a track; straightforward and undeviating in its essence.

Bold and bohemian in spirit, "Nicotine & Neon" embodies the height of 60's sounds in rock and roll. A classic chord progression and a feisty femme fatale bathing in vocal restraint... Yes.

Heather breathes lush lungfuls over blustering bass - whipping up a smoke-storm of Southern style. It's fierce and it's fun.

If you like raw rock and roll, this one's a keeper. Listen and love.

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