Heart Through Sacrifice Bludgeon the Senses With Prog Power and Style in "Blood Stained Stone / The Boy"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Death behind each door and danger in the very air meet and greet us in Heart Through Sacrifice's "Blood Stained Stone / The Boy".

Guitars chug and howl out under a dramatic narrative - mother and child chased through time and tears to a dark destination.

You aren't alright.

At the door of a stranger. Stranger still, beyond...

Cross a threshold into danger.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"A young boy lost, all alone..."

Heart Through Sacrifice bring brutal force to a chilling tale in this tune.

Strings firebomb the soundscape, scattering shards of sound as amber sparks over and around intense vocals. And the vocals... Belted notes linger on high, hoisting us to view from a bird's eye the grim tale being told. Rhythms rethink their footing with each falling kick and snare, ensnaring our senses in the process.


"Blood Stained Stone / The Boy" brings the crippling weight of a haunting journey on the mind of a boy to light. Metal music for a moving story, the light of survival shining dim at a distance...

Metal needn't be your cup of tea to give this tune an honest try. Press play and take part in its powerful progression.

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