Heart Through Sacrifice Battle-Harden Your Hearing With New Song "Eyes Of Gold/The Warrior"

Odd Nugget heart through sacrifice

Heart Through Sacrifice rend sound and slaughter the senses in their new release "Eyes Of Gold/The Warrior".

With weighty tonality, they advance on the imagination, splashing a scene of two warriors' shared adventure across sonic canvas.


Strength is a mercy...

Afforded the courageous.

Not spared on cowards...

Odd Nugget the warrior

"The sound of war is their love song... "

Heart Through Sacrifice lend a tale a tune in "Eyes Of Gold/The Warrior".

The warrior woman fights with her lover by her side, both powerful hunters.

Her hair flows in beautiful arcs following her movements like a violent ballet.

Together they scour the wastelands for sport and for revenge of the world that is lost to the dark unknown.

- Eyes of Gold/The Warrior

Guitars spew atomized riffage, frenetic, with precise aim and in unison. Stars lop and swoon to fierce, silken vocals as bass notes chase the dread rattling thunder of drums across a moonlit spectrum.

heart through sacrifice

Heart Through Sacrifice harness their gift for storytelling in "Eyes Of Gold/The Warrior," sharing a painterly depiction of adventurous love through lenses of war, dust and power. It's powerful...

"Eyes Of Gold/The Warrior" is just the thing for fans of melodic metal, but anyone up for a good story is bound to find enjoyment in this. Give it a listen.

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