He Arrived By Helicopter's "Cold Damn Truth" is Sonic Serenity


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Misty-eyed melancholy mixed with morose melody make He Arrived By Helicopter's "Cold Damn Truth" a soothingly mellow track to enjoy.

As the first single preceding a full album release and show at the McKittrick Hotel in NYC on September 13, "Cold Damn Truth" gives out a clear sample of his sound.

A wealth of tragic self-reflections ride on icy airwaves from driver to drum...

"Tell me straight..."

Wind wails at you, tossing cloth and hair with soft fury.

Over the ledge of the rooftop is your idea of salvation.

You're waiting for someone to stop you. Waiting...

That someone is yourself. You'll take the stairs.


"...Even if it kills you to."

Soft and subtle, "Cold Damn Truth" is. A lit-lighter-waving sonic tonic for life's assorted ailments... Lyrically, this is a sweet and sorrowful surrender.

Hints of Bowie and Boomtown Rats enliven the spectrum in "Cold Damn Truth", particularly in the artist's inflection. Christian Gibbs (aka. 'He Arrived By Helicopter') blows breathy vowels in moody mourning throughout the track. His voice sounds cold and damp as moonlit dew.

Guitars are the main course in "Cold Damn Truth". One twangs and sways in electric overtones as another pulsates rhythmic mid-frequency friction. It's a languid sort of liveliness.

For an especially chill listen and profoundly mellow vibes, "Cold Damn Truth" is perfection. No lie! Listen.

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