Hausers Subject Us to a Sonic Tempest in "Tokyo"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Synths and big, boisterous bass notes rush us over in Hausers' new tune "Tokyo".

This song stands at the point where computerized future-pop and dramatic post grunge meet.

Blacked out, then blinded by light.

Surroundings, bleary, bear familiar forms. They come into focus and fall into place.

Reality persists whether it's wrong or right.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"Some people say no more time should be wasted..."

Hausers hit hard in "Tokyo". Time being of the essence, a story unfolds at a fair pace, packing purest energy and deepest meaning throughout.

Drums throb with force, emphatic, throughout "Tokyo," carrying icy cold key tones in a dogged march to a distant destination. Anthemic, this track attacks spectral skyline with exultant exuberance. The feel is epic, the sound is solid.

Intensity of purpose pounds in "Tokyo's" drums. It courses through the keys and breathes in the vocals. A seed of doubt becomes a growing realization, realization brings societal falsehoods to light and light settles into life, redeemed.

"Tokyo" will take you places with each successive listen. Big, bright and brimming with energy, you'll want to play this one loud for the full effect. Go ahead and hit the button below.

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