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School stories like the ones below could be tall tales or totally true. Take a look...


( Ongoing ) Cancer and other students was scared because of some paranormal activities in their hostel and their ward boy says that its normal , but things getting worse in 2 months .....

so everyone decided to call the famous paranormal investigator of galaxy city .

if you like my stories then please vote unless you fail this semester ENJOY LOVE YOU


I've been busting my @$# combining school with cooking, cleaning, doing groceries, and taking care of the rest of the household chores, but mom still won't even acknowledge me.

"In other news: emergency responders found a woman's body in an advanced state of decay in the living room of the house she shared with her daughter."

Posted on Reddit by WideEyedWand3rer.

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I use to live near some haunted woods

I use to live in a pretty good sized city but about 2 miles away from my house were a huge wooded area with a river that ran through it.

Me and my cousin would spend lots of time in those woods. They're was alot of junk there. A few cars, lots of buckets and some sheets of metal.

We build a clubhouse there using some of the sheets of metal and wood. It was a pretty good closed off clubhouse, good enough to stop rain and the weather. It was also about a quarter mile into the woods.

I remember this day, I went to his house pretty close by and we hung out there before he said "hey let's go to the club house". I was playing on his game and said okay and he said "I'm going to the store on the way and I'll meet you there"

I said cool, just let me finish this game. He got a 15 min head start before I headed there. When I got there, I noticed it was eerily quiet. I couldn't heat a bird or a car. When I got to the club house, I noticed something knocked over our "mailbox".

It was just a bucket nailed into a 2x4. I went to pick up the piece of wood when I heard almost like a scratching noise on the metal walls. I tried to listen and it went so eerily quiet. Like when you hear that ringing in your quiet.

I said "Camilo, you suck at hiding." Then I heard a almost clown like laughter come from inside. I call him a weirdo and walk over to car that's about 50 feet to retrieve a stone we use to hit nails into things.

That's when I see mu cousin walking with a bag from the store and drinking a soda. He said sorry, I ran into someone from school. I run towards him and tell him someone was in the clubhouse.

Like dumb @$# kids, he grabs a stick and I grab a rock and we open the door to find nobody. It was empty. We only had a mattress and some books and magazines.

I never turned my back to it and would've noticed or heard someone open the "door" we put on. I never researched those woods and I should've.

Unfortunately those woods were cut down.

Posted on Reddit by secondfiddle00.

Primalcraft: Scourge of the Wolf (book 1)

Blake is a young boy from a small village in England.

He moves to a school in Wales to get away from his painful past and hopes to start again in a new place.

But everything isn't as it seems at Vale Academy.

Blake is attacked by a wolf.

An animal which doesn't exist in Britain and soon he uncovers a hidden world filled with magic, wonders and old grudges as he learns more about himself and the world around him.

Jaxon can't get Blake out of his mind even though he is absolutely sure that he is straight.

But his confused feelings soon take a backseat when an unknown wolf attacks the object of his confused feelings.

His pack slowly start to uncover secrets upon secrets that all have one person at the center.


Jaxon has to determine if he needs to protect Blake or if he is the enemy hidden in the dark by the witches.

Warning: There are some fights and mentions of sexual violence though nothing is shown explicit.

Primalcraft: Scourge of the Wolf (book 1) on Wattpad

Can someone explain what happened to me?

Im 19 now but when I was 12 something supernatural happened to me and it hasnt left my mind since.

I was in 7th grade. At this point, 2 of my siblings had already moved out and one of them (lets call him J) was in New York City with his friends. So it was just my parents and I home. Though, it was late so my parents were sleeping. I was always a night owl, so naturally, I was awake. I was laying in bed talking to randoms online with my lights off and my door closed. At about 12AM I started hearing what sounded like someone running around on the first floor (I live in a 3 story household). I figured it was j, he would do things like that. Then I realized that hes in nyc. At that moment I started to get really uneasy and Ill be honest, I hid under my bed for a lil. I genuinely thought someone broke in. After about 20 minutes of this, the noise started to travel upstairs. It sounded like the laundry machine running in circles id also like to mention that u can not run in circles on the second floor because it is literally a thin hallway.

I went back on my bed and tried to distract myself bc I rlly didnt know what to do. I realized this noise started to get progressively louder and faster louder and faster. U can imagine how scared I am as a fking 12 year old girl.

After a while, the sound came to a sudden stop. Then, it started again but very slowly and loud. It was the same laundry like machine noise but this time it was stomping up the steps to the third floor. With every, stomp it got slower and louder, slower and louder. Very. Loud. The closer it got to the top of the steps, the more scared I was. Not only because it was getting close to me, but because it was so damn loud the floor was shaking. Literally shaking.

Finally, it gets to my floor. In the seconds before I hear the next stop, all I can think is please do not turn in the direction of my room please please please. Can u guess which direction it turned? Yeah. Mine. Slowly and loudly, it stomps to my door. I felt paralyzed, too scared to make a sound or move. It got to my door and again, came to a sudden stop. Nothingness is all I heard, not the wind blowing, not any creeks or the street lights buzzing. I heard nothing. Then, my door SLAMMED open and smacked the wall.

I was so petrified. I didnt want to move but I need to make sure it wasnt my brother playing a prank on me somehow. I got up and rushed to the opening of the door, peaking my head out. No one was there. I quickly shut and lock the door, while ofc turning my lights on. I go back to bed, not knowing how to feel, trying to call people because I dont want to be alone. No one answers me tho, as Im in 7th grade and its a school night so all my friends were fast asleep. A few minutes later, I began to hear scratching noises on my window. I tried to convince myself it was just the tree (later to remember theres literally no tree outside my window..). After, I hear the same noise on all my walls, then the floor, then the ceiling. One by one. This all lasts until around 3am, Ironically. Though, as u can probably assume I stayed up the rest of the night.

After school, I had got home, sat on my bed, opened Snapchat and was fking shook. When I opened snapchat and saw the front facing camera, behind me was a hand print on my wall. Right above my pillow. It was a big hand print, so I took a photo of my hand next to it to prove it wasnt mine. I touched it, it was this weird substance that felt almost like oil and sweat at the same time. It was also clear. On the other wall, Also right next to my bed was another mark. It was the same substance, only this time looked like someone was dragging their fingers on the wall to make that mark.

That year, occasionally I Would find those same marks appearing on my walls again. Tho, since this night nothing quite like this ever happen to me again. Does anyone know what this is?

Posted on Reddit by Sexy-lamp.

When that crazy woman from my old high school class who genuinely believed she was a witch came into my hospital room, pointed at my newborn daughter, and declared that on her sixteenth birthday, she would prick herself on a needle and die, I quickly called security.

Until in the wee hours of the morning following our daughter's sweet 16, when we got the call that she'd overdosed on heroin and ever since then, I can't help but wonder if that 'witch' was even lying in the first place.

Posted on Reddit by xylophonesRus.

The Lovely Bite


Highest Ranking in Vampire- 1 53116 11821 Twenty human girls.

Seven Purebloods.

Adeline O'Here is taken away from her human life and is sent to a school with nineteen human girls.

Seven of the girls need to be chosen by seven of the Pureblood boys.

For what? To help them transition into vampires so they could rule one of the countries in the Vampire World.

Adeline wants to go home and being a rebel against it isn't smart.

What happens when Adeline still catches one of the seven boys attention? However, that isn't the only thing lurking after her...

Sexual ScenesFoul Language

The Lovely Bite on Wattpad

Things disappear or get moved then show up again randomly?

This doesnt happen often but its always random objects. For instance, my daughters phone disappeared for several weeks then appeared out of nowhere like it never left. My mom was murdered when I was a little girl Ive felt like shes somehow stayed with me. She was a prankster I feel like this could be something she would do honestly. Who knows?

As for my daughter, she got this phone for her birthday, took it to school in her backpack, never took it out at school, it was gone like someone took it out of her backpack. We turned the pack literally inside out, tore the house car apart looking for it. We called the school to see if it fell out there or something but no luck. It was an iPhone it disappeared from Find My too like it never existed.

Then one summer afternoon after school had let out for the year, I find her backpack with that stupid phone laying on top of it in the middle of my bedroom floor! It was even crazier because I spotted it after we had been outside most of the day. It wasnt there until I came back in by myself to get something out of my room.

A few months ago, we lost the remote to our Roku tv. Instead of buying another one, we just used the app when we couldnt find it. Again we youre the living room its furniture apart to look for it. We turned the Sofa recliner upside down.

Last night the remote was laying in the floor between the sofa recliner, plain as Day. Its so weird lol. Is there a name for this phenomena or what?

Posted on Reddit by bluegrassmommy.

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