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A lion's perspective of life in a circus must be like watching a pizza or a hot dog demand that you spin in a circle and then jump through a fiery hoop!

At any rate...

Circus stories as strange as the ones covered here are enough to keep you on edge!

Town of Richardson songs

I created songs that represent "The town of Richardson" stories I made.

I hope you enjoy!

Town of Richardson songs on Wattpad

My parents said they would take me to the circus next week...

But my neighbors have one right now. I just went in and it smells weird and Im getting tired, I might take a nap.

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A girl from school

So this happened to me quite awhile ago maybe 10 years ago now.

There is a arcade area in Crown Casino Melbourne called galactic Circus.

One night while driving to the casino (my friends and I used to go there frequently) I looked up at the galactic Circus sign and instantly thought of Elena, a girl Id gone to school with and barely had more than a handful of interactions with, I thought I bet shes there tonight. (I hadnt seen her in years and was well out of high school)

After that thought, I immediately went back to paying attention to my friends in the car.

We went out for dinner, had some drinks and gambled a little bit.

Just before leaving I vividly remember walking towards the exit which had the escalators which lead down to the arcade area near by and said to my friends Id be just a sec, I walked down into the arcade area, turned one corner and bam there she was stood right in front of me.

I still to this day have absolutely no idea how I knew she would be there, there was no social media and no checking in anywhere.

Makes no sense to me.

Posted on Reddit by Mooosey91.

Moon Cursed

[Completed] Cursed as a child, Cinder Valentine lives life as beast, forced to perform in a traveling carnival.

Only on the night of the full moon does she change back to her human form.

The carnival travels through the Kingdom of Edenraye on the eve of the Prince's Ball.

Every maiden in the kingdom is invited, but the full moon is the night before, and Cinder will be in her beastly form.

Thanks to the carnival gypsy, and a moonstone necklace, Cinder will have one night to live life as a normal human.

But, when the clock strikes twelve, and the moonstone fades, will her curse destroy the kingdom? Winner of OnceUpon Dark Fairy Tale contest. COMPLETED

Moon Cursed on Wattpad

We knew Jack was a flexible acrobat who used to sleep in circus Cannon before the war broke out

But when we found him or what's left of his badge and uniform inside the debris of the bore prematured howitzer, we're still quite impressed.

Posted on Reddit by Mr_Camhed.

Some old memories

This happened when I was 14-15 yo, now I'm 19 yo and something inside me is begging for me to tell someone.

I used to do a lot of rituals when I was a teen, I thought it was cool and at the time I didn't think anything could happen.

I started when I was 12 with whatever I found in the internet that made me curious enough to try. Because of that it was obvious I would have some experiences with ghosts and spirits but one of them still bothers me to this day.

One day when it was around 6-7 pm (yes, I still remember) I went with my friend to a park that was far away from our houses; I must say only teenagers went there but only when it was past midnight so there was absolutely no one there when we arrived.

We stayed there for short time, I felt like I was being watched from behind the trees that were in there (which there were only a few and you could clearly see there was nothing behind) so I was an my friend noticed this and asked me but I couldn't say anything, I wasn't physically able to speak so I got even more scared. She suggested we left before it got worse and so we did.

We decided to go through another street since I was getting worse, I couldn't walk properly, I was really slow and inside I was panicking since it felt like something was pushing and holding me so I could not leave.

My friend waited for me and we left slower than I would've liked.

Of course it doesn't end there.

I was so paranoid about it that I was all the time turning around, at this point my friend was really scared (and honestly she had all the reason to be).

When we were reaching the end I saw it: it was a figure, humanoid but not totally, it had no face, it was all white but depict that I knew it was smiling, it was dressed full black and it was around 3 meters. It was far from us but not too far away.

That immediately made me pale and urge my friend to get out of there as fast as possible, I had trouble breathing and couldn't almost run.

I turned around a few more times but I could not see it again.

When we left I turned around and saw it was there again, closer than before so when I regained all my senses I left running with my friend.

It doesn't end there.

I encountered it again after some years in my grandma's house. (My grandma's house has 2 floors but the 2nd one only has 2 doors that direct to 2 bedrooms, no hallway, no nothing, only stairs going there).

One time when I was 16 I wanted to go downstairs and I saw it again.

It was all black this time and I could clearly see that it had teeth, I knew it was the same one because I couldn't properly move or breathe.

I remember going downstairs because I was not scared this time but I don't remember what happened after that, when I came to my senses I was sitting on the stairs when I saw it but nothing was there and I most certainly didn't sit.

I encountered it again some times more through the years and even when I was outside my town.

One time I told another friend it was called Blackfider when I didn't even register those words were comming from my mouth. She looked at me firmly for some seconds, without saying anything or even blinking, after that she told me to walk her home and I saw it again at the end of that street but when I blinked it wasn't there anymore.

I accompanied her to her house and when I left I started to hear some music that sounded like from a music box, it was circus themed.

I stood there and waited for a bit, the more I waited there the closer it seemed to get.

I knew I had to get out of there when I heard some noises coming from some trees so I quickly left.

I told my mom today about the first encounter because I thought it could be a nice story to scare her a bit but she scared me instead with what she replied: She told me that in that same street a guy hung himself, no one knew and still doesn't know why, they said he was delusional and could not take it anymore.

I've been having nightmares about it since I first saw it.

At first the dreams were confusing and blurred, I could not tell what it was but each time I have them, it gets closer and less blurry.

A guy that my friend knew (the 1st one) worked studying ghosts and spirits (mildly since he only knew the basic) and he said I had a dark aura, that I should stop doing rituals when I never told him and I knew my friend didn't either.

He told me that he could help a bit, maybe make the presences go away.

I had to sit in the middle of a circle surrounded by some candles, then he started talking, asking questions I vaguely remember.

The door closed with a loud noise and he said he wasn't gonna continue since I obviously continued with the rituals.

One time my friend asked me to do a ritual with her and I obviously said yes.

We didnt have the time to finish it: a door closed with a loud noise and a figure fell off a table.

Her mother entered the room and told us to leave the house and do something more productive. My friend urged me to leave and so we did.

Her mother was working and wouldn't be home for several hours.

After that I stopped doing the rituals, I couldn't mentally take it and I was exhausted but for some reason I have an urge to start once again.

I thought I could share this here since I'm feeling like it's gonna happen again. For some reason talking about it here brings me a sensation of pain in my chest but that did not happen when I told my mother.

Maybe comment some opinions? Advice? Some similar experiences? I don't know, whatever you can offer.

Posted on Reddit by dudeleon.

The Black Theater (A Collection of Short Stories)

Hey kid, what some drugs? Well, I've got something better for you just beyond those doors.

C'mon, kid, I know you're dying to know what the theater put on for tonight's show.

And just between you and me, the Ringmaster is looking real tight tonight, if you know what I mean.

Ey, if you're lucky, well, you can imagine what might just happen.

Hey kid, don't walk away.

We've got all sorts of $#!# going on inside.

off!" Oh, c'mon! We've got popcorn and clowns and soothsayers and time travel machines, all sorts of $#!#, and best of all, free LSD with every trip.

The Black Theater (A Collection of Short Stories) on Wattpad

I went to the circus this afternoon, and I confess I was a little creeped out when a whole bunch of clowns hopped out of one tiny car.

It was much worse tonight when they all started sliding out from under my bed.

Posted on Reddit by RaffertyStJohn.

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