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Old ladies are supposed to be kind and sincere, aren't they?

Well, apparently these monstrous seniors never saw that memo...

wicked witch has trouble being nice

From cradle-robbing to spreading disease, these creepy old crones definitely aren't do-gooders.

There are Tons of Scary Old Ladies Around the World

creepy old lady from shutter island is precious

History books and fairy tale tomes alike bring terrible tales of treacherous witches and hexing hags to life from times long gone.

Statues stand in homage and fearful respect to these strange, dangerous old women, spurring the imagination and chilling the blood.

Real? Made up? Who knows...

witch flying on new nimbus 2

All I know is that there are A LOT of these kinds of stories and many bear eerie resemblance to each other despite coming from hugely different cultures.

Almost as if there are regional varieties of the same creepy occurrences...

Anyhoo, the horrible hags featured below are but a few of the world's legendary evil old ladies. And only one eats babies!

Amazake-Babaa in Japan

amazake babaa yokai old lady

Among the many Japanese Yōkai (unexplained supernatural beings) remembered to this day, there is one in particular who is known to come knocking at your door.

Amazake-Babaa is a mysterious old woman who plays her own sick game of trick or treat.

busted pumpkin

At night, this evil woman knocks on her victim's door, beseeching them for help in a sickly sweet, child's voice.

Then, when they open the door she gives them the gift of a horrible illness - usually chickenpox, which she just happens to be the "goddess" of.

Elbow Witches in North America

elbow witch with antler elbows

Picture two old women... With bulging skin where their eyes ought to be... And extremely pointy elbows... Skinless, moose-antler elbows, mind you...

Got that horrifying image in your mind?


spongebob eye bleach meme

Well, these two creepy old ladies are the "elbow witches", described in horrifying detail in the Ojibwe legend of Iyash (a young man on a mythical journey of self-discovery).

The elbow witches already sound bad and they only get worse from there...

They are both cannibals.

this man is a can-ibal

When Iyash arrives at their dwelling, they begin preparing their next meal... Using human ingredients... Taken from a bag made of human penis skin...

Obviously, they try to kill Iyash.

Obviously, this involves the use of their disgusting elbows.

Luckily, Iyash uses a dummy - some caribou fur - which they ambush instead of him, killing each other in the process.

Dzunuk'wa (Basket Ogress) in North America

dzunukwa basket ogress

I'm sure you've guessed at this last one being the baby eater by now.

Dzunuk'wa is a Kwakwaka'wakw (say that three times, fast) creature of legend. A big, vile, old ogress with a sweet-tooth for children.

what can i say i love kids

Pitch black, with, ahem, "long pendulous breasts", this creature sometimes gives people priceless riches and sometimes carries their kids away in a basket for supper.

I guess it's just luck of the draw.

At any rate, she's borderline blind, so kids who catch on halfway to her home can trick her into going the rest of the way empty-handed.

You should probably avoid the old women mentioned above.

Seriously, just stay away from them and you'll be fine.

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