Harrison Brome's "I Know" is Chiller Than an Eskimo

Odd Nugget Social-done

Smooth and sedated, Harrison Brome's "I Know" blows smoke over soft sounds.

Subtle, soft, sumptuous stuff; it's cold flame for a warm night.

Pleasure and a pillow... Soft.

Turning, twisting like a willow...

So exquisite... Is it real or not?

Hot and heavy... Too high to feel low.


"I just wanna see that body movin'..."

Opening to a bird bath - rushing water and chirps - "I Know" dives quick to submerged tones. We're soaked in serene sound and under-breathed lyrics, sonant.

Kicks ricochet front and center in the mix as footing for subdued singing. Dampened keys cradle the vocals in downy plumage. "I Know" envelopes you in a cloud of quiet rhythm. Tight tones and carefully restrained synths set the song's stage. It sounds like a dark, starless night.


This track epitomizes chill, tapping into your brain, tempting it to an alpha state. The trap sound, soothing, seems particularly suited to a long night for two; as do the lyrics.

This is an easy song to settle into at day's end. Press play and sink in.

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