Harker Moon's "Muma Says" is Soul Set to Tune

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Soulful lounge feels fit for a flight of fancy - memories felt and missed... Harker Moon's "Muma Says" says a lot about the band's potential.

They may soon reach the moon with music like this.

Wooden beams creak at each step.

The front porch protrudes....Puts you out in the rain.

But there's warmth in the blues.


"My father says, if he had a daughter, he'd want someone to treat her right."

Shifting in sonic dimensions, "Muma Says" moves, smooth and mellow, from moment to moment. Just like longing, it flows free in form without losing its essence or its steam.

The perfect quality of this track as a composition is impossible to overlook. It's brilliant stuff, benefiting from carefully concocted cohesion throughout.

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Rolling rhythm taps at echoing space as guitars chase in, drift out and stutter around the edges. Lyrics let us in on the struggles of love as outward expression, alluding to such as inward reflection. A simple bass line nods in agreement throughout.

Without hearing "Muma Says," you'll never know how much you might love it. If you're up for love, then you might as well listen.

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