Gypsy Jazz - the Old and the New


gypsy jazz

Jazz is incredibly fragmented and multifaceted.

With the addition of new influences from around the world, it bends and contorts to an entirely new generation of musicians and fresh cultural variations.

Gypsy jazz came to be thanks to traditional gypsy culture colliding with developing jazz concepts as well as the pioneering role played by incredible gypsy guitarist, Jean "Django" Reinhardt.


Django built Gypsy jazz into its own sound and style back in the 30's in Paris along with fellow Gypsy musicians, the Ferret brothers. Now, musicians outside of the Gypsy heritage find inspiration in the genre's unique sound.

At this point in the genre's development, there exists an obvious split between the old heritage and new iterations. We've put together a solid body of must-listens for you to treat yourself to. Settle into the Romany sound and get acquainted with the best this beautiful corner of the jazz sphere has to offer.


The Old

Jean Django Reinhardt

Stéphane Grappelli

The New

Paulus Schäfer

Angelo Debarre

Frank Vignola

The Gonzalo Bergara Quartet


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