Gumshen Make no Mistake with "Fallacy"


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Electro-rock on a neutron star collision course... Gumshen's "Fallacy" hums and whirrs with creative energy.

Gumshen mess around with a Radiohead sort of sound - synthesizing something as powerful as it is soothing.

"Underestimate the space between us..."

The capsule is quiet. Its window is bright.

Alone, interred, you've survived a day, a night, a year, a decade, a century.

Emerging from shadowy recess, you hazard a look through the glass.

All alone, time passed you by. The world is gone. You're in the sky.

"We've been a fallacy, haven't we?"

"Fallacy" plays on spoken word with space-age style.

There's a lot of fun in the video but the song comes off as poignant and mind-bendingly psychedelic. Almost Pink Floyd in tone, it's quite a satisfying experience.

Screenshot from 2018-04-15 13-36-25-done

The keyboard touches are neat; lightly tapped chords like pizzicato particle physics. Everything swirls into order nicely.

The chorus is admirable in its artistic restraint; words sprinkled over a wave of warm synth and guitar. It's all star stuff.

If the futuristic rock antics of such acts as Muse behoove you, this song should be your new fascination. Listen and love.

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