Greg in Good Company Show Us the "American Way"


Odd Nugget Social-done

A snappy statement on the status quo you can rock to... Greg in Good Company's "American Way" makes for lively listening.

Chipper punk with a classic vibe and a point to be made on the tip of the tongue...

"It'll all be ok..."

Shrapnel and song. Glistening light over broken glass. You're a hero.

Strewn over debris, arms, legs... Unresponsive. Police case the scene.


They ignore you; shoulder the wounded, then crouch to ask your name. No use answering now.

"I see the red and the blue..."

Talkbox vocals and igneous rhythmic melodies immixed make "American Way" way more classic rock and throwback punk than its age would oterwise indicate.

Lyrically, "American Way" calls for change and highlights just what needs changing in the U.S. of A. More than mere pep, in this Greg in Good Company pack a thought-provoking punch.


Around the 2:20 mark, we're treated to a jogging stretch of rhythm reminiscent of Wolfmother's "Joker and the Thief" and then, nearing 3:00, the song swells to a choral crescendo followed by one last round of rhythm.

Dynamic enough to satisfy, yet self-aware enough to center itself...

In "American Way," rock is on the menu, but it's paired with poignancy as well - lamenting the sad facts of modern life with a touch of righteous revolt thrown in for good measure.

If you're ready for rock with a dose of depth, then have a listen. You're likely to like this.

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