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The redundancy of this post's title is absolutely intentional. :)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say, but some things are beautfiul to almost everyone.

A finely wrought painting can transport you to another reality on beauty alone, and the best paintings express exactly what their creators wanted them to, while taking on new meaning for each person who views them.

The beautiful paintings gathered here belong to excellent artists of Chilean descent.

Each of these artists has their own way with the wonderful language of aesthetics that will leave you yearning for more.

To start, a Chilean woman with incredibly dreamy art...

Ximena Armas

L'indien by Ximena Armas

Ximena Armas is a Chilean painter who lives in Paris, France with her husband Henri Richelet, who is also a painter.

Her work is relentlessly symbolic and dreamlike, weaving multiple themes and forms into fluid expositions.

Fissure by Ximena ArmasInquietude by Ximena ArmasExtremes by Ximena Armas

José Balmes

Santo Domingo Mayo 65 by José Balmes

This Spanish-born artist obtained his Chilean nationality in 1947, at the age of 20.

A tumultuous move from Spain in his early years to escape the terrors of the Spanish Civil War and his militant father inspired him to take up the arts in his adoptive land.

Informe IV by José BalmesOperacion Albania by José BalmesInforme II by José Balmes

Samy Benmayor

Linea Roja by Samy Benmayor

Samy Benmayor is one of the original creators of the artistic movement known as "Generacion del '80".

His style pulls from neo-expressionism and his early work carries the historical significance of artistic rebellion against a dictatorial regime following the 1973 Chilean coup d'etat (caused, in large part, by the Nixon administration in the US).

Grabado 3 by Samy BenmayorMusico by Samy BenmayorEdificio by Samy Benmayor

Marcela Donoso

TRAUCO by Marcela Donoso

This incredible painter has played a major part in the Magical Realism artistic movement, bringing lush scenes with spellbinding details to life in vivid chroma.

She studied with the master artist Malangatana Ngwenya in Mozambique and created masterpieces of her own while she was there.

TACONA by Marcela DonosoNino Cruel by Marcela Donosoangel fauno by Marcela Donoso

Pedro Lira

la mujer de los alfileres by Pedro Lira

This painter is one of the most important in Chilean history, having brought about the creation of the Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts.

His impressive artwork features beautiful women of many backgrounds and in many settings.

diana la cazadora by Pedro Liramujer de pueblo by Pedro Liraen el balcon by Pedro Lira

Francisca Sutil

mute by Francisca Sutil

Francisca Sutil is a Chilean artist with a huge amount of work to her name.

Her impressive abstract paintings harness the power of imposing size and the subtle drama of contrasting hues.

Sutil's artwork puts high modernist techniques and aesthetic qualities on display with sharp lines, textural variations and methodical patterns.

ungrund by Francisca Sutilfragmentos de vida by Francisca Sutilmute 2 by Francisca Sutil

These are by no means the only great Chilean painters, but they each demonstrate some of the lovely artwork that the nation is known for.

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