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There will never be a Final Final Fantasy Game.

With that having been said...

Fantasy games to inspire, enlighten and possibly enrage... All this and more await gamers willing to pick these up and give them a go.

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A Pinch of Magic

A Pinch of Magic video game by Crystal Game Works

Made by Crystal Game Works

Varsha is a young witch who has just graduated high school. While their friends were off jet setting and travelling around the world, Varsha had to go back to their hometown Lynnsdale to take care of their grandparents who ran a small magic store. There were two major issues though: one, magic is strictly banned and two, their grandparents store is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Play as Varsha as you try to revive your grandparent's store, avoid scrutiny by the authorities, and find loveall in one summer.


Pick from 2 main character designs to play as as well as your pronouns

Spend time with 2 love interests

Over 25,000 words

An art gallery with CGs and guest artwork

Team Members Credits

Other Dating Sims

A Pinch of Magic

More about this game here.


irori video game by pomepomelo

Made by pomepomelo

As the aroma of savoury skewers wafts outside, hungry passengers rest their weary souls at the hearth. You are the chef on the cross-lands train, in charge of the irori cabin. Cook up a variety of skewers to warm bellies and hearts as you cross paths with travellers on their own journeys.

Play time: 3-5 minutes

Cozy, warm 2.5D aesthetics with soft characters

A variety of fantasy ingredients, befitting a fantasy world

A cute companion who shares his story with you

This is our first prototype and we have many ideas in store for the future.Join our mailing list!Got feedback for future content?Let us know your thoughts!We are currently on a break but you can follow us on Twitter (pomepomelo) to keep in touch or if you just want to say hi! :)Developed by PomePomelo. We hope to provide an experience for you to take a breather and rest here.Daum itsDaumParkdesigner, programmerJewell twitter instagramdesigner, artistZhiming (zmcn)zhimingchendesigner, programmer


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Wayfarer video game by Idrelle Games

Made by Idrelle Games

Prologue Episode 1 Released

Wayfarer is a dark fantasy interactive fiction game. With the storytelling of a novel, the player choice of an RPG, and the dice roll mechanics of a tabletop game, the game creates a unique experience that changes with every playthrough.

Create and customize your character, improve your skills, andnavigate hundreds of branching choices as you journey through the magical city of Velantis.

The game is currently in development and releases episodically.

CONTENT WARNING: Fantasy and medieval violence, depictions of blood and gore,explicit language,sexually suggestive themes, and drug and alcohol use. Rated Mature 17.

You are a Wayfarer.Marked by a complete immunity to magic, Wayfarers travel the world, breaking curses, hunting monsters, and fighting magic when it spins out of control. Their Order, once a powerful presence in the world, is broken, leaving behind only a handful of warriors still bound by their creed.

When your mercenary work backs you into a corner, you take the only option available and accept a contract: to travel to the city of Velantis and steal an ancient artifact said to be blessed by the gods.Simple, right?

But Velantis holds more than you bargained for. Gathering a ragtag party of malcontents and renegades from across the city, you must navigate enemy factions, meddling guilds, and escalating political tensions. Your choices will ultimately determine the citys fate and the fate of every person who lives there.

Create a customizable protagonist, selecting:

Gender (male, female, and nonbinary options)

Pronouns (hehim, sheher, theythem or create a custom pronoun set)

Name, including aliases and nicknames

Ancestry (choose from 5 specieshumans, dwarves, elves, melusine and aeda)

Origin (choose from 6 unique backgrounds)

Appearance (including complexion, hair, eye colour, height, tattoos and scars)

Upgrade 4 skills which will determine your successes and failures. Skill level is mixed with a dice roll on skill checks, adding an element of risk vs reward to your choices

Unlock traits thatreflect your characters choices, providing bonuses and hindrances

Recruit companions, build your relationships, and perhaps find romance

Relationships include friendships and rivalries

Romances are optional and include straight, gay, bisexual and asexual characters, alongside monogamous and polyamorous options

Build rapport with 6 factions and choose whether to support or betray them

Encounter timed choices on key decisions, with alternative results if time runs out or you choose to abstain

Build a codex as you explore the world and encounter people, places, history, lore, magic and monsters

Navigate thousands of branching choices for a unique, re-playable experience and story

Wayfarer has an official Discord server! You can join it here. Please note that the Discord server is 17 only.

Encountered a bug?File a report hereand it will be addressed in the next update or patch.

Creation, Writing Programming:

Anna M (twitter instagram twitch)

Cover Art Character Portraits:

Rory Yaya (tumblr twitter instagram)

Wayfarer Sigil Logo Design:

Jessica Roy (website)

Image Assets:

As credited in-game

Follow the game development blog for updates.

Wayfarer is an independent passion project. If you enjoyed the game, please consider supporting its development on Patreon! Patrons receive access to the alpha build, bonus content, tutorials in writing and game design, among other perks.

You can also support the game here on itch oronKo-fi.

Thanks for playing!


More about this game here.

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