Graybill's "Black Hair, Brown Eyes" Will Send You Straight to the Sea on Sound Alone

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Eclectic island sounds settle in drifts throughout Graybill's neat new tune "Black Hair, Brown Eyes".

An intimate experience chill as a mid-sea wave and rhythmic as an ocean's motion.

A bird's wing...

A thought afloat... Your heart, soaring...

To climb high on hope.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"Please stay... With me... Today..."

You can feel the breezy backdrop in Graybill's "Black Hair, Brown Eyes," enticing as a sunlit shore.

Guitar strings spin loops of malleable melody like silk strewn to wind over diverse percussive elements. Vocals blow on a sigh as memories whisk images by the mind's eye. The calm of a campfire in sand calls from the midst of this mix.


Graybill spins a yarn, evocative, in this heartfelt piece. "Black Hair, Brown Eyes" beckons you to an inner dialogue leading intrepidly to love's crystal waters.

This is an easy song to enjoy. Far more so for fans of Jack Johnson and such. Graybill has seized something special in this tune to take you far from wherever you are. Press play and fly away.

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