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To Generation Z, a pizza restaurant with arcade is mostly a spooky horror location like an abandoned Asylum or a graveyard.

But, did you know...

You can press on to the eerie graveyard stories below if you think you can handle them...

Nail in Her Coffin

It's not fun waking up in a coffin.

Neither is it fun being caught in the middle of a cult of satanic vampire supremacists and a coven of witches.

Nineteen-year-old witch Valerie Parway knows that all too well.

She never wanted to be a witch, but after mysteriously being resurrected she is forced to once again live according to her coven's command -- which happens to be with the McCaster family.

In the small town of Wixton, Alabama, something is changing.

The police are rapidly becoming less human and more vampire.

Despite minor conflicts, the supernaturals have learned to live in peace with the humans and each other.

Tolerance can only last so long though as a certain legend surfaces.

A handpicked follower of the devil watches and waits as fear turns to hate.

After all, a certain witch needs to put his vision into place...

Book 1 in The Devil's Witch series (refer to timeline in author's note inside) Book 5 in the Hallowed Universe.

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Silence fills the empty graveyard.

It wasn't empty the last time I brought flowers...

Posted on Reddit by xXthelemonXx.

More Like This

I followed my sleepwalking friend to a graveyard at 2 AM.

Only to find her going back into her grave.

Posted on Reddit by KozyKami1.

The Reluctant Marchioness

After a disastrous first season in London, Rose Wilde finds herself torn between two men who love her -- but who both hide secrets that could ruin her.

Rose Wilde has always considered herself plain, especially when compared to her beautiful older sister Charlotte, and has practically given up on the idea of being romanced.

But when American hotelier Derek Montgomery comes to revolutionise her little, sleepy English village of Ascot, Rose starts to revisit the idea of falling in love.

However, Derek brings with him many secrets and obligations, some that might prohibit him from pursuing Rose -- and push her into the arms of her friend, Michael Cornell, the Marquess of Juniper.

Will fate allow Rose and Derek to marry for love? Or will she indeed become the reluctant marchioness? [[Word count: 70,000 - 80,000 words]] Cover designed by Ashley Bandy (The Reluctant Marchioness is the sequel to The Coveted Countess, but can also be read as a standalone)

The Reluctant Marchioness on Wattpad

Graveyard Sickness

One of my classes was held in a cemetery recently because we were meeting with a guest speaker to learn about some of its inhabitants. While several of its inhabitants have died violently, the program was not gory or unsettling and focused on the accomplishments of those buried there.

Regardless, strange things began to happen almost immediately upon arrival. One of my colleagues began feeling ill and was on the verge of unconsciousness. She had to return to her car to rest. A few minutes later, another classmate lost all color. He became white as paper and then began to sway. As he collapsed, several people rushed to catch him.

At this point, everyone became nervous, but the program continued. One girl expressed concern that there may have been something wrong with the air to make the class sick. While no one else complained, several of my other classmates - usually quite tan, as we live at the beach - began developing a deathly pallor of grey and white and were almost as pale as the man who fainted.

We began hearing a woman screaming in the forest surrounding the graveyard as we trudged further in to it, despite us being in a part of town miles away from any school or playground. This area is pretty much nothing but segregated graveyards side by side. There is at least two or three miles of graves. In fact, I was lost for twenty minutes that day while trying to reach my class, and I could neither find the road nor them. I only encountered one other person in that time, a woman walking her dog. These are very old cemeteries, and most of the bodies there belong to people who are not remembered by anyone alive, so there are few visitors beyond historians and genealogists.

The guest speaker completely ignored the horrible sound, and we all exchanged some uneasy glances as she continued. I became dizzy and lightheaded, but its not terribly unusual for me, because I faint frequently anyway and seldom sleep as much as I should. The others who sickened, however, had no existing medical conditions and predispositions to fainting (they were asked this by the professor in case they needed an ambulance). Both are thin and healthy people. The temperature was also cool, almost chilly, so it wasnt as if they overheated.

Anyway, I just thought it was a weird thing to happen, especially so close to Halloween, when they say the veil between this world and the next is the thinnest. The chances of two healthy people entering presyncope and syncope within minutes of one another for the first time in their lives is extremely low unless theres some sort of environmental factor responsible. I googled it, and apparently its not very uncommon for people to faint in graveyards, so I was wondering if anyone has a good explanation for that phenomenon, natural or supernatural?

Posted on Reddit by AbigailWilliams1692.

The Graveyard Waltz

Jimmy has been noticing that his neighbor, Claire, has been sneaking out in the middle of the night.

One night, he decides to follow her and discovered a big surprise.

Mara N.

Ruiz Lopez Copyright 2018

The Graveyard Waltz on Wattpad

"Those curses and traps you broke were never meant to keep you out," the twisted corpse of my assistant Jacob said with a graveyard voice from where the last trap of the crypt had caught him.

"They were meant to keep us, in."

Posted on Reddit by LynxInSneakers.

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