Grandpa Joe Come Crashing In With "MayDay"

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Throwback grunge grit comes up against a wall of raucous rock in C.R. band Grandpa Joe's killer new tune "MayDay".

Heavy rolling and sweet, solid rock... This song serves sound on sound - a vigorous S.O.S.

Done in, dusty and down for the count...

Count seconds, old and rusty. Hollow semblance of a life without...

The hope you had entrusted.

"There’s no beginning, there’s no end..."

"MayDay" reacquaints us with the raw roots of the grunge subgenre - disorienting fuzz, juggernaut rhythm and undeviating delivery throughout.

The band leave us little time to brace for impact at "MayDay's" start. Start running; it's a rocking steamroller. Sludgey bass bubbles to a boil, erupting in bright flame as drums and guitars fall in. Vocals voice angst over abstract space; heard, felt and not soon forgotten.


Verse bleeds to a percussive chorus, killing silence every second of the song. Howling strings sing an aria over bleary vortex, etching in air an act of rebellion. "MayDay" sounds a signal you're sure to hear.

For fans of true grunge in sound and sentiment, this song should do the trick. Everyone else? Press play anyway. "MayDay" is worth it.

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