GR Gallery Gathers an Artistic Dream Team for "DREAMstate" Exhibition

Odd Nugget DREAMstate

Built on the nebulous fabric of irreality, yet weighty with the intensity of our waking world, "DREAMstate" is set to feature the work of four fine artists intrinsically linked by intent and vision.

"DREAMstate" calls on the multidisciplinary visual talents of artists Joseph Lee, Dennis Osadebe, Erik Mark Sandberg and Joshua Vides to depict in prismatic color the changing face of our global society.

Joseph Lee – Pitre

Joseph Lee's art shows a very literal interpretation of reality's 'face value,' manipulating portraits into pretty, chromatic aberrations at once as unsettling as they are satisfying. Faces swirl, split and smear with the contents of the mind worn as a mask of many colors.

Dennis Osadebe – Unilag Boy

Dennis Osadebe brings a flat brand of visual storytelling to the table in a scream of vibrant colors. His work broaches the topic of African art through an intensely modernized lens, using dramatic layers of digital elements to build critical-thought-inspiring scenes.

Erik Mark Sandberg

Erik Mark Sandberg's ethereal art is a practice in juxtaposition. Soft, hirsute contours contrast with sharp, plain objects. Downy colors underscore deep, hard hues. Dreamy imagery comes gobsmacked by solid realism, betraying a poignant message on consumerism.

Joshua Vides – Seize to Exist

Joshua Vides invites the eyes and body into a world of sudden contrariety, pushing 2-dimensional details well into 3-dimensional space. Bold lines and empty space bring to mind the De Stijl movement in monochrome, marked with the makings of impactful pop art.

With all four of these amazing artists displaying brand-new creations at once, "DREAMstate" is sure to be an incredible exhibition. Be sure to stop by and get a closer look at GR Gallery if you're in the neighborhood in NYC.

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