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Life is just an open world adventure game...

That said...

Some of the crazy Adventure games that follow are likely to follow you around. You'll have to play them sooner or later - best to start now!

Deep Rest

Deep Rest Developed by Aza Game Studio and published by Aza Game Studio

Developed by Aza Game Studio and published by Aza Game Studio

Deep Rest is a psychological adventure horror game, with focus on storytelling both direct and indirect. Combining the interactivity of the adventure genre, with aspects of different genres and mixing it with unique mechanics. You will have the ability to make dramatic changes in the story. You play a lost girl who took her own life, after suffering the sudden tragedy of her mother going into coma. Upon awakening she finds herself stuck. Faced with the ever changing surrealistic world of Deadwood. Engulfed by the mysterious forest that keeps changing shape and form. You will encounter different characters and entities, as you progress into Deadwood.

Figure out why you are stuck here, and what has happened to your mother. Did you take your own life for nothing?


Story rich gameplay

Smooth platformer controls

Point and click interaction system

7 chapters in the full game + bonus content

Reverse time mechanic, slice 2D objects with spirit energy, paranormal events

Replayability - chapters are unlocked and can be replayed

Secrets and secret areas

Advanced multiple choice Q/A dialogue system that changes the story

Multiple different endings to the game

High quality SFX and ambiance/music made by composers.

Original soundtrack created by Chris Wirtz

Custom input support & advanced settings

Deep Rest

Deep Rest Developed by Aza Game Studio and published by Aza Game Studio video screen

More about this game here.

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Sprucerio by KenForest

Made by KenForest

You went to the forest for a tree. You have a sled on which you transport the tree. A kettle with hot tea (so hot that it doesn't cool down to the end). Lantern and ax. Having cut down a tree, night has come, you return home through a dark forest.

The game was made in two weeks.


WASD - Move

Shift - Run

Mouse scroll - change items

E or left mouse button - Interact

Hold Esc to back to menu

Sounds:zapsplat.comfreesound.org3D models used and remixed:Kerosene Lamp by wittyareshOld Metal Cup by al0sral0Angler fish by NyilonelycompanyWooden house by HelinduSamovar by hellotaiaTeapot by Grigorii InchenkoChristmas toys by Deployer


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PINK ELEPHANT Developed by IOIG and published by kazakovstudios

Developed by IOIG and published by kazakovstudios

PINK ELEPHANT - is a game about an unknown hero who decided to challenge the forces of a mysterious sect located underground. Explore the mysterious structure and sweep away everyone who gets in your way. The game has 15 levels, a final boss, 4 types of weapons.

Features of the game:

Pixel graphics

Hero weapon upgrade system

Final Boss

After killing the final boss, a new game mode opens


PINK ELEPHANT Developed by IOIG and published by kazakovstudios video screen

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Palworld Developed by Pocketpair and published by Pocketpair

Developed by Pocketpair and published by Pocketpair

Q. What is this game about?

A. Palworld is a game about living a slow life with mysterious creatures "Pal" or throwing yourself into life-and-death battles with poachers.

You can make Pals fight, breed, help with farming, or work in factories.

You can also sell them off or even slaughter them to eat! That however, is forbidden by law.


This world is full of dangers such as food shortages, harsh weather, and illegal poachers. You must be prepared to do anything if you want to survive. You may even need to consume Pals sometimes...

Riding and exploration

Fly, swim, dig holes... you can explore all kinds of places on lands, the sea, and in the sky by riding Pals.


Do you want to build a pyramid? You can have a large number of Pals work on the construction. Don't worry; labor laws won't be applied to Pals.


Make your life more comfortable by collecting a variety of valuable Pals to light fires, generate power, and mine minerals.


Different Pals are good at different things such as sowing, watering, harvesting, or else. Create attractive farms and orchards with your Pals. There are also Pals that can duplicate themselves when they're planted.

Factory and Automation

It is essential for automation to let Pals do the manual work. Build a factory and place Pals in it. They will work forever as long as they're fed until the end of their lifetime.

Dungeon Exploration

With Pals, you'll be safe in dangerous areas. If you are in danger, you use Pals to cover your escape! They'll give their lives to protect you.

Breeding and Heredity

When you breed Pals, they inherit the parents' characteristics. Mix rare species Pals to raise the strongest Pals!

Poaching and Crime

Endangered species Pals live in the hunting prohibited area. If you sneak in and catch them, you'll get tons of money! It's only illegal if you get caught.


This game supports multiplayer. Invite your friends to go on an adventure together. Of course, you can battle and trade with other players!


Palworld Developed by Pocketpair and published by Pocketpair video screen

More about this game here.


Decrypt by Crux Game Studios

Made by Crux Game Studios

When a freight ship goes missing and is later found abandoned, you are sent to investigate it to solve the mystery of its missing crew.

The ISS Travan is found at a fringe system thousands of klicks off its original course.

The GiS Trade Federation believes that its crew has abandoned the ship to evade crippling trade fines in a brutal interstellar economy. You are a Data Forensics officer assigned to investigate the vessel.

What you will uncover on the Travan is a far more insidious and horrifying truth.


First-person sci-fi survival-horror adventure

Story rich gameplay - piece together a compelling narrative to discover the fate of the Travan's crew

Deep Exploration - traverse the ship to  locate Terminals to progress

All original soundtrack

Bite-sized thrill - 45 mins - 1 hour playtime!

Intense scares

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Lucen Developed by Kristian Kebbe and published by Kristian Kebbe

Developed by Kristian Kebbe and published by Kristian Kebbe

Lucen is an adventure into the unknown. You play as a boy named Lucen, and after your village is mysteriously shrouded in darkness and fellow villagers won't wake up, you must take it upon yourself to venture into the vast lands outside the village. Armed with your sword, bow, and legends passed down by generations, you must set out on a quest to ask the mythical old gods for their help.

Along the way you will traverse environments that have been untouched by civilisation for centuries - lush woods with ruins of altars to the old gods, caves hoarding mystical light orbs to augment your abilities, foggy swamplands occupied by terrifying creatures, and many more.


Fast-paced hack'n'slash gameplay - harness light with your sword and bow to augment your attacks

Master your sword to learn and perform new combos, or deal damage from afar with your bow. Allocate specialization points to focus on one type, or spread them out to balance between the two.

Narrative-driven questline - learn more about Lucen and the world he's in as you progress through quests

Open-world exploration - explore every corner of the open world, learning ancient secrets and lore, and finding items to aid you on your quest

Dynamic battles - Fight monsters large and small, who will do anything to prevent your intrusion into their lands. Engage in numerous boss battles with huge bosses, and gain access to the magical light orbs they protect.


Lucen Developed by Kristian Kebbe and published by Kristian Kebbe video screen

More about this game here.

Lily's Well

Lily's Well by Pureiceblue

Made by Pureiceblue

Lily's Well is a point and click horror game. In it, you play as a little girl named Lily and work to investigate a strange voice calling for help from the well outside her window.

In order to investigate the well, players must explore Lily's home and the area around it to find rope and rope substitutes. The longer the rope, the more Lily has to climb, but it's up to the player when it comes to picking out materials. Of course, using the wrong materials can have dire consequences for Lily.

There are ten different normal endings and three secret endings for players to find.

The game itself is free, but a bonus behind the scenes pack can be purchased for $10.00 USD.

Lily's Well

More about this game here.

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