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The best school stories are super weird and difficult to forget. Read on for all of that and maybe a bit more...

This Alien Soul

When Amber was just an infant an alien space ship crash landed in her small lake town of Mountain Lake, Georgia.

The aliens were isolated, a large settlement that was heavily guarded to protect the citizens of Mountain Lake.

Now with Ambers senior year starting, the decision had been made to start integrating the aliens into the community.

Amber knows she should fear the Zion Alien, Alek, who has started in her class, but instead she feels an instant connection.

Soon everything she thought she knew about herself and her world changes, will Alek be the rock she can cling onto?

This Alien Soul on Wattpad

Recommendation for beginner literature

Hello all. I was looking for some suggestions for alienufo literature. Ive always had a passion for this topic growing up, but havent been following nearly as much in my adult life. The recent developments have certainly piqued my interest. Ill be blunt, my science background is limited (not much beyond high school) and I dont want to get too technical in that Im simply just lost on the subject.

Does anybody have any suggestions for books, articles or readings on the subject matter to help bring me up to speed with the latest developments? Thank you for any and all suggestions!

Posted on Reddit by z0mbienati0n77.

More Like This

1994 Ariel School, Zimbabwe UFO landing vs. 1989 Voronezh, Russia UFO landing

It seems the Ariel School landing is much more popular than Voronezh landing.

Why is that? ...since they are very similar, in terms of children seeing the UFOs, the occupants and no military cover-upinvolvement! Voronezh also has adult witnesses.

If you are not familiar with the Ariel School landing, then here is a 5 min Sightings video (with good links in the description):

[the Voronezh landing, here is the first Soviet TV report with the Russian language fully translated to English subtitles:

[ Full Russian Translation to English - Aired on October 11, 1989 ](Surin is the eyewitness in the interview above.

You can also hear two more witnesses (Volodia Startshev and Aliosha Nikonov) in the Spanish TV report in Voronezh via this post:

[Surin was also interviewed for the original newspaper article called "Football with Aliens" from October 3, 1989:

[ Original Newspaper article about the Voronezh landing](Russian book has the most detailed research for this UFO incident. It is called UFO IN VORONEZH or НЛО в Воронеже.

[ UFO in Voronezh Book](book is [available here](and is in Russian, so you'll probably need to AI translate it.

Vasya Surin's full report details are available in the book and here is a full translation:

Following the chronology of events, we will give the first word to Vasya Surin, a fifth-grader at Voronezh School 82, the hero of the article "Football with Aliens." There is some important information in his story that was not included in the newspaper article. The boy says:

"It happened a few days after I left the hospital on September 19. My friends and I were playing soccer in the park late in the evening, when it was already dusk. Suddenly we saw a kind of pink fog near the Voronezh Power Plant (Voronezh Power Plant - Ed.) high in the sky, above the pipes, as if they were burning a fire in the fog. We pointed it out to everyone who was nearby, and we started looking at it ourselves.

A red ball began to appear out of the center of the fog. The fog was still, and the ball flew moving with high speed. It stopped over a poplar tree and started descending right on top of it. The tree bent over the top. Then the ball went up a little and shifted sideways. We immediately concluded that it was aliens, because the newspapers wrote about the ball, which [visited the Vologda region](We were frightened, we thought that if we ran home, they might see us and take us away, so we hid in the bushes and watched them.

A door opened in the ball that was hanging next to a poplar tree. A man looked out of the door, he was tall, about three meters tall, arms reaching to his knees. His head did not move; it was as if there were no head, but a bulge of shoulders and three eyes on it. Two on each side, and a third one slightly higher, swiveling up and down, right and left. He looked down, the door closed, and the ball went down a little more. Then the door opened and they began to climb down the tree. First, the robot and then the alien.

The robot was headless. At first we thought it was an alien, too, but then when they got down, the alien came up to the robot and sort of typed a code on his chest. And then the robot went on like a typical robot. He walked along the road for a while, and in the meantime, the alien stood on some object, then he said something in his own language, and a rectangle appeared in the ground. The rectangle was red, and the bulbs were visible in it. I looked closely as the bulbs flashed there. Then he said something again, and then it all disappeared.

One boy didn't have time to hide and screamed. The alien looked at him. The boy stood motionless. The side of the aliens eyes kind of glowed. After the alien stopped looking at the boy, he started to move.

There was also a guy walking down the road, probably to the bus stop. The alien noticed him, climbed up a tree into a ball and came out with some kind of object that looked like a gun, a yellow one, like with a telescopic sight. The guy, when he noticed the alien, ran, and he pointed the gun at him and the guy disappeared.

Then the robot walked up to the alien, the alien said something to him, they climbed up a tree into the ball, and it flew away. As soon as the ball went away, the guy reappeared again and went on as if he hadn't seen anything.

When we were getting ready to go home, a "hat" landed next to a poplar tree. When it landed, it had these little circles and fire coming out of them and hissing like, "!" One and another alien came out of the "hat" and walked toward the power lines. They didn't look like the ones who had come before. They were as tall as a common man. Their faces were wrinkled. When one approached the place where the wires were, it was obvious that he was kind of burning up. As he "burned out," the "hat" flew away.

The ball that arrived was bigger than the "hat" and glowed. And the person who came out of it also glowed a little and was silver in color."

[ Vasya Surin - One of several eye witnesses to the Voronezh UFO and occupants ](does seem that the incredible stories coming from the Soviet Union were laughed at by some Western media outlets.

[ Voronezh UFO landing reported on by TASS](is the original AP Newswire article by TASS regarding the Voronezh UFO landing.

[people think the Voronezh landing was fake news?

Posted on Reddit by ItsTheBS.

Three Idiots and a Ghost

3 1 3 ...

idiots and a ghost! Cooper Smith, the clueless one.

Archer Lee, the awkward one.

Skyler Rose, the skeptical one.

And then, there's Rags, the dead one.

Can three total idiots really solve the great mystery surrounding the unexpected death of one girl? (3 Dudes 1 Paranormal Series 1) Important ranks: 1 in Paranormal, 1 in Idiot, 1 in Ghost Wattys2018 longlisted

Three Idiots and a Ghost on Wattpad

The Ceiling Fan Effect

So I have ceiling fan in my dining room. For the longest time it's been limping along with one working light bulb, so I got up on a step ladder to check and see what sort of bulb it was. It was a bayonet, as I remembered from a while ago, so I took the bulb into my room and checked online to see if I could find old school bayonet bulbs. Couldn't find them at all. It took weeks of looking, no dice. Big ordeal. I was just about to message the HOA and see if they had some by chance, when my mother informed me they were all screw bulbs.

Now I know this sounds like it could be a mistake on my behalf, but I'm absolutely sure it was a bayonet bulb. I took it out, had it in my room. I know what it looked like, I spent a long time hunting for this bulb. It was not a screw bulb. Then a few days ago after the lunar eclipse, my mother randomly unscrews one and now they're all screw bulbs. No maintenance calls came in, no-one was in my house, my mother certainly couldn't change the light fixtures, and I live by myself.


Posted on Reddit by universalaxolotl.

The Effects Of A Homemade Ouija Board

Many years ago I was a bored teenager in the house alone on a Saturday afternoon and I decided to make a Ouija Board from, of all things, a Travel Scrabble set. Dumb, right? Nevertheless I made it, grabbed a glass and tried to make contact with who or whatever was there in the great beyond. Just because.

Several times I asked "Is there anybody there?"

Now I wasn't really expecting anything to happen and for a few moments, nothing did. But then the glass started to move under my finger towards the corner of the board with tiles arranged to spell "YES". That was enough for me. I returned the glass to the kitchen and hastily disassembled the board, sutiably freaked out.

Now I'm prepared to believe in hindsight that maybe I unconsciously moved the glass myself but I was pretty scared at the time. The house suddenly felt oppressive and I felt ill at ease enough to want to get out of there as soon as possible. So I locked up and decided to get on my bike and ride to a friend's place to be around other people and relax.

The journey took about fifteen minutes but the oppresssive, uneasy feeling stayed with me the whole way. When I arrived at my friend's house I knocked on the back door and got no response. Peering through the windows it was plain that there was no-one home. I decided to try another friend and again there was nobody home. In all I tried 6 or 7 friends, cycling some distance between all of the houses (this was in quite a rural area) and no-one was home. Not my friends, not their family members, no-one.

In every case I peered through the window, each time feeling increasingly paranoid and not a little desparate and in each case no-one was there at all. And this is the weird part...

Everytime I peered into their window I could see my friend's high school photo of that year staring back at me and smiling. Smiling very oddly, in a very unearthly way. I felt very conscious that I was being watched by something that seemed to manifest through the photos. It's hard to describe exactly but it felt that, in each instance, I was ... expected. Like the photos knew I was coming and knew I'd be alone without the safety of other people. The best way I can think to descibe it is that it felt like I was being toyed with by something playfully malevolent, if that makes any sense at all.

By the time of the last house I had travelled miles and used up most of the afternoon and so, tentatively, I returned home. My family were there at this point and the place thankfully felt normal again. When I asked what I'd done with my day I simply said I'd been on a bike ride and that was that.

I'm aware that most of this can be chalked up to a mixture of coincidence and the power of suggestion but the whole experience felt ... uncanny. When I saw their photos again in following visits, they looked perfectly normal of course but I can't decide whether I'd worked myself up into a state of near delusion of if something else had actually happened. I guess I'll never know.

Posted on Reddit by Gogo__Chicane.

Wings of Desire

Whisper of her lips, Her breath on my face, Eyes, piercing the soul, She is my doom! Freya Morenson is under the protection from a guardian angel since she was thirteen and her father died.

Little did she knows that her guardian angel is not only actually a rebellious, demoted Archangel and next King of Heaven but also that he is also fighting his feelings for her.

Alexander is the archangel everyone fears but only person who anchors him is a human he had been guarding for few years now.

As he makes the mistake of revealing himself to her on a night of accident, he comes to realise that girl is like an addiction to him.

No matter how hard he tried he can't walk away from her.

What fate brings in for them as they both grow forbidden desires for each other and the all powerful archangel have a twisted past to deal with? Note: PART I of Guardian Angel Series.

It is now published under and you can buy a copy at 4 in Paranormal on 2-5-2016

Wings of Desire on Wattpad

I saw two people but saw them again a few seconds later

It started this morning. My mom dropped me off at school near the parking lot and I started walking towards the main entrance. While walking I passed two people, a tall guy with a black backpack and a shorter girl with a blue backpack who were also walking in the same direcrion. I walk in through the main entrance and walk towards some stairs near the back of the school. Before I make it to the stairs, I see the same girl and guy walking in front of me. I'm a fast walker and at the speed I was going I shouldn't have seen them again. The school also has a back entrance but you would have to go around the school to access it and most of the time the doors are locked. I'm not sure what happened but I felt that I needed to tell someone about it.

Posted on Reddit by prototype_rick.

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