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The loss of your dog is exactly the kind of thing your dog would've helped you through.

But, wait...

Loving your dog is not the same as loving scary dog stories.

Only someone who loves getting spooked will find the following Dog stories and books more fun than freaky. What do you think?

Valon: The Ghost of Cambria - Book Three

There is no doubt left in Kristen Cole's mind--her house is haunted.

Every night, she's been visited by a man who arrives in her dreams with startling clarity--a handsome stranger with a brooding brow and adoring steel-blue eyes.

The man is a ghost, and now she knows his name: Valon.

He has shared his mind with Kristen and the memories of the home's previous occupants.

But Valon has also shown her his rage and the intolerance he feels for her corporeal suitors.

To her horror, Kristen rose from bed to find Ryan Hoffman's body lying dead on the bathroom floor, his face frozen in terror.

Turning to a paranormal expert for advice, Kristen was given a proactive strategy--use a Ouija board to contact Valon.

Kristen should attempt communication with the ghost when her mind is awake and able to make a rational decision.

But when the woman tried, nothing came from Valon-not a word, not a whisper.

In defiance of the ghost's perceived silence, Kristen took another man to her bed--her carpenter and employee: Tony De Luca.

Waking this morning, Kristen finds Tony safely asleep by her side.

But rising from bed, she finds Penelope, her silver-white husky, lifeless on the floor.

The dog's muzzle is stained with blood.

What started as an erotic dream, quickly became a seduction.

What turned into a nightmare, has become a fight for Kristen Cole's life.

Valon' is a paranormal romance and the third novel in the 'Ghost of Cambria' series.

Valon: The Ghost of Cambria - Book Three on Wattpad

I heard a dog speak English once. Anyone else ever hear an animal and understand it?

I know it sounds like a load of bullocks, but here’s my story.

One day I was taking a shower at my flat, everyone was gone and it was just me and my Roomate’s husky. I was in the shower just casually enjoying the warm water and the dog started barking A TON.

At first thought I assumed someone was probably at the door so I got out and began to put a towel on just in case someone was actually at the door. While I was doing so the dog was barking more and more but then the barking changed into perfect English and the dog was yelling these words” “I JUST WANT TO BE LET OUTSIDE! PLEASE LET ME OUT!

I literally backed away from the bathroom door and exclaimed “what the #&@$!?” I ran outside the bathroom to see the dog barking with his paws up on the back door. He turned back and looked at me and started barking some more, I let him out and I just sat there stunned.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Posted on Reddit by Branden_the_Dj.

My dog came back to me for once.

I had a 13 year old dog that i would have given up my life for if she could stay with me a little longer. she died due to cancer. we put her down and cremated her, we didnt want her to feel pain anymore. put her ashes in a box on a shelf in our living room. its been nearly a year since she died, and we still celebrate her birthday. her birthday night when i fell asleep, i had the most obscure dream with all my memories of her bunched together. i thought nothing of it and shook it off as grief until i woke up with my sheets completely at the bottom of my bed. there was a huge lump in the sheets and it looked like something was there. i felt and there was nothing there, it was just a hollow cave. i looked at it again and immediately thought back to the dog and how she would always take my sheets down to the end of the bed and bury herself under there, it looked just like that. i cried and cried for about 20 minutes after that. i went out to get coffee but the jar of treats we have for our current dog was open and on the floor. nobody in my house did it since it was 5:30 in the morning and my parents and sister were still out visiting family. my current dog is too small to get up there. those were my dead dogs favorite treats as well. this started to scare me, until i thought of the fact that she was still here, and that she hasnt left. i ended up crying for another 10 ish minutes and got my coffee and went back to my room. nothing else has happened since but im still very happy that shes here.

Posted on Reddit by Username1029384756_.

Haunted Verses - Paranormal Poems

Paranormal poetry collection, hosted by Wattpad's Paranormal Community.

Haunted Verses - Paranormal Poems on Wattpad

They had to put my dog down after a series of violent attacks on children.

Little did they know the dog wasn't the one who did them.

Posted on Reddit by TerraWren.

The dog theory (just a theory, don’t murder me)

I’ve been thinking about our relationship with dogs and how a long time ago they used to be wild animals (wolves) with features that allowed them to survive in harsh environments and how over many years, in collaboration with evolution, humans, using the technology available to us at different times (selective breeding etc.), have turned wolves into something different, a dog.

Because of this, our relationship with this animal has changed to one where we have become their care takers and feel responsible for their well being because most of them no longer have the features to survive in very harsh environments and because that relationship is mutually beneficial since we also obtain benefits such as companionship etc. But, for that relationship to work so that humans can ensure dogs’ safety and well being dogs have, in a way, become our captives and our species controls their species’ present and future with the best of intentions.

Now this is just a theoretical thought with no materialistic evidence and I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything, so please don’t murder me. But what if there are non-human entities and our relationship with them is not that much different to humans’ relationship with dogs. What if we started out as an experiment with a primitive animal, a primate, that over many years with a combination of evolution and the use of their technology has resulted in the human race. And what if we have been developed to a point where, even though we don’t realize it, we have a relationship with non-human entities where they feel responsible for our wellbeing and future but at the same time obtain benefits from us that we don’t know about such as scientific knowledge etc. and because of that, they control aspects of our present and future.

Now I know not everyone in the world feels the same way about dogs so not every non-human entity would necessarily feel the same way about humans but in general, that is humanity’s accepted relationship with dogs so what if, ET’s general involvement and relationship with humanity was not very different to ours with dogs.

Any thoughts?

Posted on Reddit by pienso_solo.

Creepy Stories

Who needs sleep anyways ??

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I was having a lot of fun at the dog day care centre, though all the workers were somehow missing.

I was completely fine til the dogs suddenly started standing up like people, with their mouths creeping into smirks.

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