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Someone probably thinks you're an angel because you helped them when they really needed it and disappeared before they could realize what was going on..

I digress...

It's okay if the weird angel stories below freak you out! I'm pretty sure that's what they're supposed to do...

Lilith (Demonology I)

BACKUP POSTED ON MY ALT ACCOUNT T.S.I ROBINSON It all went bad so quick. >>I made one mistake. >>ONE mistake. >>And my life plummeted straight to hell, literally. >>I became entwined in a holy war - all because I sneaked out of my house.

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I watched as the one-winged-angel shrieked and my family was reduced to atoms in a swirling vortex of salt and bone.

I couldnt help but wonder how a God so known for Love could be so filled with rage.

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A young girl said that she always hated angels

They never showed mercy to my kind she said in tears

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Divine And Damned [PUBLISHED]

SAMPLE ONLY. >>THIS BOOK IS PUBLISHED ON AMAZON KINDLE BOOK 2 After defeating the demons and saving her loved ones with her friends, Vienna still gets the sense that her life is in peril. >>It doesn't help that her mysterious new rash is getting worse, or that she continues to see Randal in her dreams. >>Friendships are examined, relationships tested, and new creations are born in the sequel to Flaws and Feathers. >> Jojo B 2020 All rights reserved

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They say that everyone has a guardian angel.

As I laid in my cell, chained up and unable to move, I came to the realization that my angel was guarding everyone from me.

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Almost got killed in Downtown LA. Saved by two angels?

This was in 2014 or 2015. My girlfriend and I were staying in a hotel called Stay on Main. I only learned later about the hotels history. I only stayed there because it was cheap. That place was freaky as #$@$ but anyway I digress.

My girlfriend and I were walking to a parking structure where our car was because we planned on going to Disneyland. As we were walking there, my girlfriend noticed a shortcut to the car, down an alley. My instincts told me no, lets just walk around since its a nice day outside anyway. She insisted. #$@$ it, lets go.

As soon as we turn into the alley, I notice right away that a man in a hoodie quickly turned and followed us down the alley soon as we went.

I told my girlfriend under my breath, dont freak out but were being followed. I told her to run and get help while I fight him off. As we started to pick up our pace to create distance from him, I notice that this alley is a dead end. Theres no way out, but to go back from where we came.

This man was closing distance on us, had his hands in his hoodie pocket by the belly. I make a fist with my keys as I turn around to face him ready to fight, we pass a dumpster.

I swear to #$@$ing god guys, two men in perfect business suits with briefcases say good morning and pass us walking very fast. They popped out of nowhere. They had black sunglasses, were white, and tall at least 6 feet.

I couldnt say anything, I couldnt give them the greeting of the day back. I was in shock.

This man that was following us had turned around and sprinted out of the alley.

My girlfriend and I followed the two suites men out the alley back to the public streets. Hoodie guy was nowhere to be seen, but then we somehow lost the two men in suits. I swear to god they saved my life and my girlfriends(now wife).

Im convinced they were angels who protected us from a potential tragedy. I still give my wife $#!# til this today about taking that shortcut through the alley.

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Wings of Desire

Whisper of her lips, Her breath on my face, Eyes, piercing the soul, She is my doom! Freya Morenson is under the protection from a guardian angel since she was thirteen and her father died. >>Little did she knows that her guardian angel is not only actually a rebellious, demoted Archangel and next King of Heaven but also that he is also fighting his feelings for her. >>Alexander is the archangel everyone fears but only person who anchors him is a human he had been guarding for few years now. >>As he makes the mistake of revealing himself to her on a night of accident, he comes to realise that girl is like an addiction to him. >>No matter how hard he tried he can't walk away from her. >>What fate brings in for them as they both grow forbidden desires for each other and the all powerful archangel have a twisted past to deal with? Note: PART I of Guardian Angel Series. >>It is now published under pulsepub.net and you can buy a copy at 4 in Paranormal on 2-5-2016

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I always thanked my "angels" for returning missing earbuds, keys, jewelry, and other little things I had lost.

I stopped calling them that when I woke up surrounded by all my former pets.

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