GOLDZBROUGH Assures Us of the Fact That "Good Things Never Last"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Sharp, shimmery sound sweet as sonic sugar overtakes you in GOLDZBROUGH's new tune "Good Things Never Last".

There's enough energy in this one to pop a cork and clap a cymbal or two. You need only a midnight mood and open ears for this song's sound to sweep you away.

Paint up a skylight.

Leave the roof and fly. Kiss your fears goodbye.

Light up dawn from a dark night.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"...Was it your honesty? I could see it in your eyes..."

GOLDZBROUGH brings us into an invitingly melodic, mid-spectrum heavy space in "Good Things Never Last".

A murmuring bass line meets impeccably placed keyboard notes. Caught in the middle, vocals jump, run and relax at intervals, contributing a halting feel to this fast-paced piece. Words carve into the mix, netting notches of their own amid the bone-taps and finger-snaps that populate the song's percussion.


We're privy to an admission of an ending, inevitable, to love - it can't last, can it? The question sparks the song and the sound is dynamic enough to reflect, in building and dropping, the asking and silence responding.

"Good Things Never Last" can last forever if you let it stay on replay. Spin it up and get down.

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