Goldsmoke Set Their Sounds on "Someone Like You"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Goldsmoke's "Someone Like You" sounds like neon lights off the main street of downtown, anywhere.

Where there's halogen, there's music and that music is this.

A computer screen reads a message short.

"I Love You" in green. You can't 'abort'.

For you, any love is out of the ordinary.

Possible not in real life; only in binary.


"...Are you really gonna say what you're thinking?"

Old-school funk fuels this fire. Fire from your speakers, and speakers exploding on contact... That's "Someone Like You" in a nutshell. A very dangerous nutshell...

This track runs through the retro soul gamut of goodies like they're going out of style. Actually, they all did go out of style decades ago. You'd never know, though, not with a song like this vibing within your periphery.


Talkbox voice tones, sparky guitar chords, boisterous bass and stinging synth stabs step this up to the heights of the golden era go-to tunes Goldsmoke have taken on as influences. It's all the sounds of sweet, sweet computer love, coupled with modern kick to boot.

If you're at all interested in the electro soul sound, then this song is quite literally made for someone like you. Do yourself a favor and sample the flavor of succulent soul with a press of play.

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