Gold Lounge Soothes Senses "Like a Feather"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Massive Attack meets dance trance in Gold Lounge's deep, dope track "Like a Feather."

Contemplative and tastefully minimalist, this mind-mellowing tune takes you to glorious places.

"Light like a feather."

Tasked with ascension, your body stirs at dawn.

Life leaves you lying. Flying is better.

Odd Nugget Socal-done

Wind takes your feathers as you flutter into flight.

Night bygone, bliss beginning, your sights seek solace atop the clouds.

"Be close to you..."

At its offset, "Like a Feather" sounds like stepping into heaven. It's big and bright and warm and inviting. You can picture the light.

Mari Conti's serene vocals enter the ears as things intensify. Uplifting and inspiring... Sustained over growing groove, her voice echoes over an imagined sky.

A wooshing, mute-roaring bassline takes violent control of the mind as the song steps into itself.

At the 4:40 mark, there's a slight tribal twist of a breakdown, followed by more big meditative melody. Then the singing rejoins the mix and we lapse out into reverberating space.

This song is positively entrancing EDM fare. If electronic dance music gets you going and your mood is mellow, you'll be a fan for sure. Listen and love.

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