Go Freek Point Out "Love is the Weapon"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Go Freek freak out once again, and this time they've got a gun!

"Love is the Weapon" explodes onto the scene with all of the old Go Freek go-to's and quite a few new-sleeved tricks. Tight and syncopated, yet loosely melodic...

"If you want a fight..."

Red, green, gold... The dance floor is a semaphore.

Your eyes are all aglow. Sweat slicks the floor.

You're melting; dissolving in the mix. A metaphor...


"Don't pull the trigger..."

Nifty non-lexical vocables link to "love" all along the song's verses. Then, from lalala to bangbangbang, the chorus kicks in with loads of overdriven bass and clicky percussion.

The big bassline on the chorus is a beaut; a fit of raunchy rumblies all around, chopped to rhythmic bits and sprinkled with twinkling tones a-plenty. Beyond the bass is a carefully set sonic table of delicacies. Sharp synths, layered vocals, building howls and more... Yes.

Dynamics rule this tune. "Love is the Weapon" weaponizes rollercoaster reeling ups and downs with fine-tuned finesse, building and breaking in relentless succession.

The EDM devout will find it quite hard to dislike this one. It's a tasty track devised for the dance floor and riddled with meticulous modern touches. Have some.

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