Go Freek Make "Time"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Go Freek's "Time" embraces the urban side of house music with sharp sound and smooth soliloquy.

Fitted with looped speech clips, hair-splitting claps and a chorus of car horns, "Time" should take time to get used to. But it doesn't.

"How would you spend your last 24 hours?"

The clock's hands don't click. You've been watching.

They're smooth with each revolution - timed to a 'T.'

The waiting room's empty, even of sound. Clock hands spin round and round.

A door opens and an unhappy doctor breaks the silence...

"How do you define time?"

Bubbling air horns pulse over a razor sharp beat. A man blurts "TIME" on a dime; he's standing on a clap. It's easy to stay in step to this one.

There's a twilight feel to "Time..."

It's an in-betwixt sort of track - filling the ambiguous space between full-fledged club-bangers and mellow relax tracks with enough of either extreme to satisfy.


True to form, "Time" is classic house fare with tasteful touches of modern flair here and there.

The mid-way philosophical monologue hearkens back to the golden birth of house; a testament to Frankie Knuckles's eclectic, dark sampling style?

At the very least, Go Freek's "Time" tests the boundaries of minimalist house music. Everything's precise as a pin point and primed for play on a dance floor near you.

But why wait? Make time and listen now.

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