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Just about every game featured below has something good going for it. Keep reading to find out which beat 'em up game you should pick up and play today.

Kombo King

Kombo King video game Developed by Terrence Williamson and published by Terrence Williamson

Developed by Terrence Williamson and published by Terrence Williamson

Fight your enemies score as many combos as you can! Show off your fighting skill in this action-packed, intense arcade platform fighting game. Kombo King is fast-paced, intense, and AWESOME! If you enjoy playing classic arcade games, you will love Kombo King. If youre new to this genre, Kombo King is the perfect game to try.

Storyline: You play as Chi, the last of your warrior clan. The Sunless has destroyed and killed all of the clan members and your family. Now its payback time! You are on the path to redress the injustice , seek vengeance, and restore your clan to its former glory by defeating the Sunless one by one with your ultimate fighting skill. Its mortal battle, the best fighter will win the fight!


Action-packed, intense arcade game.

Great arcade style game graphic with high quality.

Challenging foes who will try to take you down with everything they have.

Responsive smooth game control.

Interesting storyline to keep players engaged.

Score multipliers for Combos!

Classic arcade games are making a comeback! Kombo King is one of the games that are inspired by one of the most popular combat fighting arcade games of all ages and turn it into an enjoyable gaming experience.Its time to find quality games to play! Quality games are enjoyable, have great graphics, animation, storyline, and smooth game control. Try Kombo King now and enjoy fighting mortal enemies whenever and wherever you are. Score combo after combo and see how high your score can get!---We work hard to create an enjoyable, arcade fighting game for you and we really appreciate it if you can help us our by sharing this game to your friends or by leaving a supportive rating and review on Steam!

Kombo King

Kombo King video game Developed by Terrence Williamson and published by Terrence Williamson video screen

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The Lair

The Lair video game by Jakub Wasilewski

Made by Jakub Wasilewski

I would really appreciate it if you clicked "Support this game"!

If you do, you'll get an authentic 8-bit era instruction booklet for the game as a thank-you!

Controls: arrow keys, ZC, XV

Arrow keys - for moving around, ZC - for stabbing things, XV - for blocking things that try to stab you, hold ZC - for a super-charged attack, double tap direction - for dashing to safety.

Gamepads also supported! If the controls stop responding, just click the game.


There is a Dark Lord terrorizing the northern coast since generations. What was once a thriving land full of bustling ports and cities has now gone to ruin, and the people of the Moonlit Empire are frankly fed up with all that.

You drew the shortest straw at the Order of Night's Vigil, so taking care of the situation is now your task. Punch through to the evil overlord's inner sanctum in Shearwater Keep and defeat him!

This game was lovingly crafted for the PICO-8, a fantasy 8-bit era console.

The Lair

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Cyber Girls 2022

Cyber Girls 2022 video game Developed by NUGROHO INDUSTRIES and published by NUGROHO STUDIO

Developed by NUGROHO INDUSTRIES and published by NUGROHO STUDIO

On year 2077, all mankind have become a cyborg. And you must fight all the gang leader on the cyber city. Are you ready to risk everything you have?

Amongst the best beatem up series ever created, cyborg girls beats and over the ninja street fighting, the iconic cyber world series comes back with a masterful fighters to and hype of the beat em up action fans simulator.


The comeback of the legendary Cyber Girls series.

Beautiful 3D graphics made by Unity Engine new shader technique.

Clean up Cyber City of zombies with your girlfriends!

For the very first time, 4 cyborgs characters to take the streets!

Casual hyper punk enhanced with brand-new mechanics.

Soundtrack by a wide all-star line up of cyborg themed music.

Unforgetable storyline.

Cyber Girls 2022

Cyber Girls 2022 video game Developed by NUGROHO INDUSTRIES and published by NUGROHO STUDIO video screen

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Gladiatori video game Developed by Beniamin Paduch

Developed by Beniamin Paduch

You rise from the ashes of fallen revolution. A soldier trained and discarded.

Regain your honor in the arena. Choose Fury or Benevolence as you fight the other contenders.

Catch Cesar's eye and earn a second chance to take Rome!


Arcade style action against waves of opponents within the arena. Each gladiator has a unique set of attacks to pit your wits against. Utilize your primary and secondary attacks along with your blocking ability to eliminate waves of ever increasing enemies.

Can you survive and earn your chance to challenge Cesar, as the people's champion or as a bloodthirsty tyrant?

On offer

A myriad of gladiator typesSteam achievements for vanquished foes

Endless gameplay with increasing difficulty


Gladiatori video game Developed by Beniamin Paduch video screen

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N.A.R (Nuclear Animal Rescue)

N.A.R (Nuclear Animal Rescue) video game by Charlesthedev

Made by Charlesthedev

Nuclear Animal rescue 2D Apocalyptic Brawler with Rogue-like elements.

Rescue Animals ! Kill mutants ! Avoid Radiation Zones!

Set in the near future, A nuclear explosioninfecting the whole of planet earth with the only things surviving are Brian eating zombies, Mutant animalsand you!

Explore the world!Zombie survivalBeat em up fused with rogue-like elements in a post apocalypticsettingProcedurally generated randomised levels (Different Game Every Time)Gear up! , Level Up!, Beat em up !40 weapons to collect and master with 4 tiers of rarity :Common, Rare, Gold Legendary!Level up your character and get stronger as you take out hordes of nuclear mutant infected!Notable Legendary weapons to keep an eye out for: Deaths Reaper, Chainsaw Baton and Hacksaw MachetteMutant...but still cute!The blast has left these animals in a little bit of a modified stateCollect Conquer30 Unique pets to rescue40 Unique weapons to masterCan you SURVIVE to level 30 ?How to play:Rescue Pets Bring them back to the helicopter !Arrow Keys Player MovementSpacebar Player AttackWatch out for radiation!This nuclear blast has left alot of nuclear residue, avoid nuclear areas and if you do nee dto pass through, do it fast !Always keep an eye on the status of your radiation meter, if its reaches too far int he red you risk dieing and losing the game... and all of your pets.Virtual Pet Jam Interpretation : "In the zone" You mustStay out of the radiation zoneNo animals were harmed in the making of this gameThe Soundtrack can be listened to individually, and its found here:This game was made possible by 3 developers :Programming : Malvadoezy: Charlesthedev : Andreiolinic https:andreiolinic.itch.iohttps:m.youtube.comchannelUCWxgWPL6sI3rGAfFOhrCP7Qvideoshttps:m.facebook.comolinic.andreihttps:www.instagram.comolinicandrei

N.A.R (Nuclear Animal Rescue)

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Monster Arena

Monster Arena video game Developed by Occult Games and published by Occult Games

Developed by Occult Games and published by Occult Games

Attention! The game is in the stage of early access and may have bugs and shortcomings.We kindly ask you to take this fact into consideration with understanding. We are a small Indie studio.Monster arena is a game of Action PRG genre about life and battles of gladiators in the medieval setting with monsters and magic.You are to create and arm your gladiator, set off on the arena and win!Key specificities of the game3 fighting modes: Adventures, Survival, Competition among players10 unique types of weapon: Two-handed axe, Two-handed spear, Two-handed sword, Bow, Crossbow, Dagger, Mace, Spear, Sword, StaffEach type of weapon has its unique fighting characteristics and powers.Many various types of monsters with unique abilities.Game arena is randomly created in every new battle.An opportunity to create and modify the appearance of your character, arm him according to your tastePlenty of various equipment and weapons

Monster Arena

Monster Arena video game Developed by Occult Games and published by Occult Games video screen

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Trial of Two

Trial of Two video game Developed by Oilcatz and published by Oilcatz

Developed by Oilcatz and published by Oilcatz

Play squash with your fists to destroy your foes!

Trial of Two is a local co-op beat em up game with powerful, physics-based martial-arts combat. Its setting is a dungeon also known as The Dojo. Its a place that has been built to find the strongest, fastest and most disciplined fighters in the world. But most importantly, it has been built to forge the strongest bond of trust and power between any two friends who dare to enter The Dojo together.


A couch co-op experience for 2 friends kicking asses

Intelligent fighting A.I. that will crush your spirits

Most accurate martial arts-based squash simulator on the market!

Cute voxel art and customizable characters

1-4 player campaign and 2-4 player versus mode also possible

Differences in demo and full release versions:

In the Demo

Co-op campaign in the first biome of the Dojo

Versus mode for 2-4 players with 4 maps to choose from (1 of each biome)

6 different moves to mix-and-match your individual fighting style

In the full game

3 more moves to level up your fighting style

3 more biomes to master in the co-op campaign

More maps for the 1-4 player versus mode to choose from (35 maps in 4 biomes)

Customizable characters: 7 characters in 12 color schemes

Trial of Two

Trial of Two video game Developed by Oilcatz and published by Oilcatz video screen

More about this game here.


White video game by Toffee

Made by Toffee

A wave-based melee fighter. Hit the black stuff.

Made for Eevee'sGames Made Quick. Made over Summer Games Done Quick in about 17 hours.


Fixed the bug where you can dash through walls!!!!

Fixed a few difficulty balancing issues

Other stuff


A or (A) - Jump

S or (X) - Attack

D or (B) - Dash

Arrow keys Dpad Left stick - move

Escape - Save and Exit

You can attack upwards and downwards by holding that direction and attacking (you can only attack down while jumping)

Gamepad control is supported across most devices, works best with Xbox controller.

I may be working on this in future (post-jam) to add a boss or better progression to make it into an overall better experience. I'm really happy with the result of this and glad that people enjoy it and see potential. Thanks for playing!

White for MacOS maybe coming soon probably!


More about this game here.

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