Gil Sanders and Zay Step "Over the Hill"


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Dripping decibels, "Over the Hill" doubles down on drama from offset to ending.

As far as sound and energy go, Gil Sanders and Zay's new track is bulging and overflowing. Let it seep in.

"...I can help you cross it off your bucket list..."

Scale the cliff. Taste the air. Lose your grip.

Life in a moment. A photo-reel frays in the breeze. You shut your eyes.

Rope pulls taught and you snap to a halt. Swaying over oceanspray, a smile, a sigh and up you go.

"...Or you're bound to fall..."

The verse vocals occasionally bring to mind One Republic's "Apologize" in intonation and style. "Over the Hill" is moody, but not broody.

Interspersed strings and an assortment of techno trappings blend to bright darkness with hopeful melancholy in the lyrics.

Odd Nugge-done

Contrast controls the story in music. "Over the Hill" makes music of its contrasts - fitting drama in through space and fullness. The verse lays the groundwork and the chorus drops the anvil.

Especially enjoyable are the little touches. Lush liquid splashes space out spots of chorus and snag at the rhythm. It's all violence and crisis in collision.

EDM is for Summer. Guess the season. Listen and love.

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