Gifted Gambler Win Big With "Doing It to Me"


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"Doing It to Me" is the first big single from Gifted Gambler and it's guaranteed to kick-start your heart.

A band united by fate around a craps table, this bunch of gamblers rolled their debut tune just right.

It's a nostalgic trip of a track with more than one hat tilt to heavy metal greats, but its style is entirely its own: jolly nuts and rabid with rock.

Mad masochism and heavy metal mania make for an exciting, darkly entertaining track you'll want to hear more than once.


"Make me crawl on my knees..."

Dungeons are cliché, but you're in one anyway.

She asks you if you're tough. Trick question; but you answer in the affirmative.

"Good," she says - twirling a black riding crop like a cheerleader's baton.

"Tough guys can take a beating."

"Break my bones. Call me slave."

Gifted Gambler channel Dio's drama, Scorpions' intensity and a dark, self-destructive sense of humor all their own.

"Doing It to Me" shrieks its masochistic manifesto like Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It" played in reverse. The lead singer professes his unhealthy love with maddened delight and gnarly inflection. He is gonna take it; poor guy.

gifted gambler

Opening up from meticulous rhythm to wailing solos and a thundering chorus, this song spares no spectrum space in its sonic assault on the senses.

If you're into the classic heavy metal sound, you'd better pray these guys keep up their winning streak in the industry. You'll be jonesing for their album.

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