Ghost X Gardens Attacks by "Hittin' the Bricks"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Poetry, organ notes and switched up rhythm animate the body of Ghost X Gardens' "Hittin' the Bricks".

There's energy on tap throughout this track and a surprise section dedicated to the object of the full album's dedication.

"...Bathing in halogen and silicone..."

Shoes on the curb. Curb on the block. A block apart...

You're a migrant drinker. Pubs are your places of residence.

You feel your way in. Dark, smoky, loud with live music... It's the scene that sustains you.


"I couldn't tell if the Chelsea Hotel was more than it seemed..."

There's a strong shot of Jack White's verve coursing through "Hittin' the Bricks". It's loud, melodic rock rife with a whole lotta soul.

Burly brass booms a fanfare, guitar grit gives way to vocals and organ overlays the song's sonic scene. However, come the 3-minute mark, a separate scene is set; that of a meaningful relationship between Stormé DeLarverie of late 60's 'Stonewall Riots' fame and Ghost X Gardens himself.


As friends, the two artists captured the last known recordings of her singing and these same recordings feature prominently on the album. An "album within the album" of Stormé DeLarverie's recordings starts as "Hittin' the Bricks" ends, spelling out the complex motivations and undertones of "Heartbreak Hotel Chelsea" in smooth, warbling a capella.

Needless to say, this is a tune and album you'd do best not to miss. It's imaginative and out-there enough to reel the mind, yet reality-grounded and deep enough to fascinate. Get into it.

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