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Some say ghosts are people passed...

Others claim cows' ghosts go past when you pass gas...

Let that sink in...

Whether you're a bonafide aficionado of the afterlife and its unwilling inhabitants or maybe just a couch potato all caught up on your "Ghost Adventures" episodes and ready for more, the stories below are likely what you're looking for.

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Alive: The Ghost of Cambria - Book One

Misfortune befalls Kristen Cole when her father is found dead in his home due to a terrible accident.

Distraught and alone, the young clinical psychologist races to the seaside hamlet of Cambria, where she lays his body to rest. Faced with a need to sell her father's house quickly, she employs a local carpenter to renovate it for sale.

Tony De Luca is a young man who searches to make a name for himself, bent on becoming a famous craftsman and artist. When Tony lands the opportunity to restore a magnificent old house, he believes he can reverse the effects of time to make the grand property the cornerstone of his portfolio. Tony's fiery new boss, however, becomes a distraction from his goals he never expected to want. Ryan Hoffman is a wealthy entrepreneur and friend of Kristen's father. When he takes an interest in the young red siren, Ryan moves quickly to swipe her off her feet, allowing no one to stop him from making Cole his fiancée.

What neither man understand is that Kristen Cole has already been coveted by another, one who will not share her with anyone. His need for the young woman transcends all logic or reason, and no rival will survive a night in his house.

The Ghost of Cambria Series is a paranormal romance that will force you to question what is real and what is delusion. What will you believe in?

Alive: The Ghost of Cambria - Book One on Wattpad

Hear me out... ghost cats.

Hi. I promise I'm not taking the p!$& - I was browsing this sub and reflecting on my own paranormal experiences. My mother recently passed away in my childhood home after a long fight with cancer and as I still live here I've been trying to be more open, if that makes sense? I've heard so many stories about people having visits from their loved ones after they passed so I've just spent more time thinking about it, trying to be receptive and kind of hoping for little clues. Nothing so far, I'm sad to say, but I digress.

As I said this is my childhood home. I grew up here with my 2 sisters. We each had our own bedroom on the second story of the house, and we can each attest to ghost cat. We've always had cats growing up so we're all familiar with the sensation of a cat jumping on or off of the bed. There were several times we'd be sleeping or falling asleep and we'd feel that little bump on the bed as if a cat were jumping on or off but when we looked there was no cat in sight. Door shut, room completely void of kitty.

One possible explanation would be that a spring in the mattress uncoiled or snapped somehow and it felt similar, but as kids we each had waterbeds and the 'sploosh' feeling of a cat jumping onto the bed isn't something that can be easily mistaken.

I'm really hoping somebody in this sub has had a similar experience. It's never freaked me out but as I mentioned earlier I'm currently living in my childhood home again as I was my mom's caretaker and I felt it a few nights ago for the first time in a decade or better and I immediately knew it was ghost cat coming to say hello.

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My father's ghost experience in the 90's

Just gonna make this brief, lying in bed CBA to write properly:

In the 90's my parents were renting a victorian house in the countryside, it was fairly isolated in that there were no shops or towns within a 25 minute walk but not too far from a motorway that was a little over an hour's drive to London. One weekend my mum was gone to see her friends and my dad was home alone. He recalls that nothing strange happened on the first Friday or Saturday other than he got some time to himself and spent a lot of time cycling and messing around with his bike.

On the Sunday throughout the day he said he felt a bit weird when he was on the property, as if something were watching him. He went about his day fairly normally though. In the evening however it felt extremely off to him, when he was making dinner the gas stove kept turning off automatically and at one point he heard a crashing outside to find his bike knocked over in the shed, nothing was too out of the ordinary but it felt 'weird'. When he was eating dinner, spaghetti bolognese if I'm not mistaken, the electricity in the house failed and my dad reported that there was a sudden coldness in the room which was strange because it was the middle of the summer, the fuse box just blew and he quickly fixed it.

After dinner he went straight to bed, hiding under the covers reportedly. While in bed the electricity went again but he decided against leaving bed to fix it. It was at this point he heard the sound of a flute coming from the fireplace in the bedroom. He recalls to me whenever he tells me this story that he is 100% certain someone was playing a flute in the bedroom from the fireplace. He recalls the flute suddenly halting and hearing footsteps approach the bed. At this point he had enough so went to fix the fuse, he notes not seeing anything strange but that the house was very cold. When he flipped the fuse the lights didn't turn on and rememebers looking towards the neighbours house and seeing their lights still on. At this point he went straight to the bedroom and slept like a log.

This is the weird part. Apparently after experiencing this he reported it to the landlord and the landlord told my dad "one of the old tenants was an Irish music student who killed herself in that very bedroom about 20 years previous" when my dad mentioned the date it matched up to the date she killed herself on. I'm not a superstitious or religious person and neither is my dad but that story is the only thing that sways my opinion slightly, I'm going to try and find the address to the house from my dad and see if I can find the ghost some day.

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Shane and Ryan spend an almost sleepless night in the Haunted Home on Avery Court, earning it's name by being the 'haunted home' of an oddly friendly ghost, Olive Thomas.

Paranormal conspirators have said to have witnessed Olive doing mundane activities around the house such as baking cakes and cookies, dancing to old show tunes, and attempting to get two ignorant ghostbusters to finally realise their feelings for one another.

Basically a Shane/Ryan story told through the perspective of a ghost in one of the houses they're investigating)


Ever wonder why ghosts always come from major historical periods? Maybe they wanted to wait and see what happens next in this wacky world of ours?

Well, none of these stories will answer that question, but they may cure your boredom.

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Ghosts: A One Act Play

After Levi discovers a strange machine that allows him to communicate with the dead, he finds that this newfound gift comes with a terrible price.

Ghosts is a one act play set during the events of Apartment 239 and High Strangeness. Ghosts has received readings at La Petite Morgue Theatre, The Navigators Theater, and Grayson College.

The play was produced in 2017 at the Little Theatre of Alexandria and in 2018 at the Capital Fringe Festival.

Ghosts: A One Act Play on Wattpad

Ghost broke in to the house

So currently someone is moving out of the house I live in, so when I heard a bunch of commotion around the house I thought it was just them getting more stuff out. Upstairs in my house there is a hallway and if you step in the middle just right it makes a very distinct creak, this was the first of what I heard. A few minutes later I heard a lot of movement downstairs, again I though it was just Them moving their stuff.

I soon realized it wasn't when I looked out of the front door and their car wasn't out front. It was silent. I stood there not knowing what to do. Yes, I probably should've just left... but for some reason I felt stuck. Like leaving the house wasn't an option. I could feel my heart in my chest beating, that was the only thing I could hear, my heart. Then came a cough from the kitchen. No other noise. It was not who I thought it was. I sped walked up stairs and went to the bedroom and stood there, next to the gun.

I didn't know if it was a person that broke in or what. I eventually got the courage to walk around the house, armed of course, but no one was there. Just me. I went back upstairs to put the gun away and just as I do in the corner of my eye I see a bleached white head in the door way. It was low to the ground, like it was lying down, probably about shin height.

I looked over quick, and when I tell you the fear I felt when I was able to get a clear look of it before it disappeared I would. It had medium to big sized ears, an overgrown buzz cut, sunken eyes, to the point it was just two black voids, and the mouth was a grin but blackened.

If anyone can tell me anything, please do. Thank you.

I do not know what happened but it freaked me out. The house I live in was made in 1934 if that has anything to do with this.

Posted on Reddit by TheHoneyWell.

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