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Why do ghosts constantly fiddle with doors and windows if they can walk through walls?

Do ghosts just have terrible obsessive compulsive disorder?

Why does everyone feel like they've encountered a ghost, but almost noone can do so repeatedly?

You would think the spirit of some dead person would find something better to do than sit around spying on their old house and its new occupants.

Could ghosts all just be homebodies - well, disembodied homebodies?

None of these questions are answered in the spooky stories and books below, but you'll probably still enjoy them.

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Ghost ✧ Taekook

Taehyung went to Busan just because his job required to.

His job description doesn't say anything about befriending ghosts, but here he is.

TaeKook fanfic.

Ghost ✧ Taekook on Wattpad

Yep, the book above appears to be a Korean pop star 'ship' with ghastly undertones.

Only on the Internet...

Gettysburg Ghosts

In late fall of 2015 me and my family decided to go to Gettysburg for vacation. Being a big history lover I was stoked to see the battlefield. The weather was amazing and the atmosphere was somber and peaceful. The first day was mostly spent at the museum and walking parts of the battle field. Nothing really happened until we were getting ready for bed in the hotel room. My brother sat up suddenly in bed and ran to the door opening it and stepping into the hallway. We asked him if he was ok and he asked us if we had heard men yelling orders and cannon fire. We had four people in the room and no one else heard anything.

The next day while we were on the battlefield near Devils Den it felt as if someone was constantly following behind us even though no one was there. That second night as we got ready for bed there was cannon fire, and this time we all heard it including some of the other guests who came out into the hallway. The third day we were at Little Round Top and I decided to crawl between some rocks to get a perspective of what the sharpshooters would have seen.

While laying on my stomach I felt someone lay a hand on my shoulder and whisper in my ear, "I see 'em". At first I thought it was my brother until I heard him call my name from the statue that sits off to the side. It was so odd after that I kept feeling as if I was about to turn around and bump into someone. It got to the point I turned around and I felt extremely cold as if I had walked into a freezer. My mother who was beside me also noticed the temperature difference and commented how odd it was.

Later that evening about an hour before the sun went down me and my mom took the car to see a couple more things and take some pictures. We were at the high water mark taking pictures and thinking about what could have been going through those poor men's thoughts. It brought tears to our eyes and we both heard a man say "Don't cry for me lass". The atmosphere shifted and it felt extremely peaceful and relaxing. It was as if whoever it was was trying to comfort us. We both sat there for a while until it was time to go. As we walked back to where we parked the car there was a couple sitting beside their car.

They said hello and we had a small conversation and in mid conversation we all stopped talking. From the battle field we all heard fifes and drums. The couple seemed unnerved and they got up said goodbye and got into their car. We decided that it was time to leave since it was almost dark and no one should be on the battlefield at night. Our last day there we toured Eisenhower's home and then toured Big Round Top. Eventually my brother and father wanted to go back to the hotel so we took them back.

We decided to go back to Big Round Top seeing as it was our last day to explore. We parked the car and walked into the forest. We had about two hours before the sun set and no one was around. About twenty minutes into the hike my mom stopped and I was about to ask what was wrong when I heard footsteps. There were multiple footsteps that we could hear, and they stopped. Then when we would start walking again the footsteps would start up again.

At one point we decided to turn back and my mother needed a rest so we sat on a boulder. It suddenly got quiet to the point there were no crickets, birds, or any other forest sounds. Then all at once we heard horses snorting and trotting/galloping past us. Then it full on sounded like we were in the middle of a battle. Bugles sounding, clashing of swords, muskets firing and lots of men yelling. We were in complete shock and it lasted for a couple minutes then it all stopped.

We started talking about what we had just witnessed and then we heard several men calling out, "HELP! HELP ME! I DON'T WANT TO DIE!" and crying. It was so overwhelming that we booked it back to where we parked the car and when we got to the car a park ranger was there. He took one look at us and asked, "What did you all see or hear?". We explained what had happened and he told us that he had stopped a man he thought was a union soldier re-enactor. He had told him he wasn't allowed on the battlefield after dark.

He said the man smiled and with a shrug carried on. He said he was about to stop him again when the soldier walked through a tree and disappeared. We went back to the hotel and the next morning as we were eating our breakfast in the dining area before checkout me my mother and brother heard a bugle playing, but no one else in the dining area seemed to hear it. It was all a bunch of strange events, but we did go back and we had even more experiences the second time. We have several pictures were you can clearly see soldiers on horseback and soldiers around the different spots on the battlefields. I may upload pictures if I can. If you get a chance it is a great place for history and the paranormal!

Posted on Reddit by RunningHorse94.

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Ghostly figure that looked like my brother in my mirror?

So I sleep right in front of my mirror. I know people say that's bad because it's a portal for ghosts or something like that, but I've never really thought that mattered. Until a few days ago. I was sleeping in bed having an average dream when I woke up. I lay there in my bed for a minute when I notice something in my mirror. It looks like my little brother. I think to myself "Oh he's in my room?" Then I look over to see no one is in my room. But I look in the mirror and he's still there. I wasn't scared for some reason? Like I knew it wasn't going to hurt me. So I got up and walked out of my room like normal, and never saw it again.

This isn't the only time I've had an interaction with something that looked like my little brother but wasn't him. A few months back I made a post on this sub-reddit about a time I saw something that looked like my little brother watching me sleep and when I finally got up to go to the bathroom he was sleeping on the couch and there was no way he could've made it there without me knowing (no this wasn't sleep paralysis I was able to moved as I pleased). Mind you my little brother is alive and well, so It's not his spirit or anything. I'm very skeptical but I have a question. Are there spirits that can shape-shift/disguise themselves to look like other people? And if so, are they bad to have around?

Posted on Reddit by Midnight-Ruby-Baker.

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My Friend Is A Ghost

"There are friends, there are families and there are friends who becomes a family" But what if the same friend dies and comes back as a ghost....?

Will the ghost be accepted as a friend again? Will friendship remain the same? Will their friendship move undisturbed by the society?

This is the story of a girl Lily whose best friend comes back to her as a ghost. Peep into the story to get to know about Lily's paranormal friendship.

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