Getting to Know IV DANTE - Part 1 of 2

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Having recently written up a review of IV DANTE's newest tune "Be With Me," I was thrilled at the opportunity to get to know his inspirations and background on a deeper level.

Here, in this Odd Nugget exclusive 2-part series of posts, we'll be diving into the details surrounding his latest release and more.

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As an artist, Danté finds inspiration in everyday life. Living leads to ideas, ideas blossom into sounds and sounds seep out into the world as songs.

"I guess life in general...

...is probably the biggest inspiration being a musician. I feel there’s almost a song in everything and any experience in life can be turned into a song which is such a cool and exciting thing for me."


"Be With Me" was born of an acoustic jam that grew organically to far greater dimensions. It's this very unpredictable nature of music making that holds special appeal to Danté.

"You never really know what’s going to happen or what the song is going to turn out like which is what I love about song writing."

Spontaneity is a breeding ground for unfiltered expression, and expression ranks high on IV DANTE's list of musical motivators.

Danté's music combines the freedom of indie rock with the familiar feel and style of pop, merging both worlds into an expressive format all his own.

"I just like expressing and telling stories through songs which can be a powerful thing at times."

On the technical side of his music, Danté sets strong goals for himself as well, confessing to a love for his instrument of choice and focusing on making it evident.

His playing on guitar, tipped with emotively plucked notes and light, quivering chord changes, melds seamlessly with the music of his band, creating a compelling feel for the duration of the song.

"On a more musical level I want to express good songwriting, musicianship, arrangement and a bit of guitar showmanship which I’ve always loved."


A cultured, tasteful musician, IV DANTE favors dynamic, stratified songs himself, as is evident in his own creative compositions.

In response to our question of what song he'd choose if he could listen only to one for the rest of his life, Danté chose Toto's "Rosanna". As to why, he touched on the song's multifaceted feel; the drum groove, the harmonies, the keyboard and guitar solos...

"[Rosanna is] such a good song with so many layers to it."

In IV DANTE's own recent release "Be With Me", he brings his fondness of musical layers into play, providing a moving, fluid listening experience rich in creative chroma. Pop elements permeate his band's sound but don't detract from the deliberate construction of his compositions.

A catchy chorus, a harmonious hook, rocking rhythm and a dependable beat bring IV DANTE's music to center-stage.


For more on IV DANTE, be sure to check out our upcoming part-2 to this post on Sunday! If you'd like to read more about "Be With Me," take a look at our review of it by clicking the link below.

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