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The modern version of 'Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll' is 'Pornhub, Antidepressants, and Vaporwave'.


Vaporwave music like the songs in the albums added below can be truly awesome to engage with. Listen now and let the good times roll...

ミカヅキBIGWAVE - 星空ROMANTIC (Album)

ミカヅキBIGWAVE 星空ROMANTIC (Album) song img

My 5th Future Funk, Anime Groove and Kawaii Pop Album!!

I'm very happy to be able to release my album in 2019!!

And glad to invite my Future Funk friends to this album (Future Girlfriend 音楽,悲しい ANDROID - APARTMENT¶)

Thank You for your Love!!

Recently a lot of Future Funk artists are active, So i tried to express my style and what I want to make on this album.

I hope you like it!!

Lots of love,

Mikazuki BIGWAVE

Future Funk, Anime Groove and Kawaii Pop アルバムの第5弾です!

2019Future Girlfriend 音楽や、悲しい ANDROID - APARTMENT¶といったFuture FunkFuture FunkBIGWAVE

星空ROMANTIC (Album) by ミカヅキBIGWAVE

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ランダムエントリー by haircuts for men

ランダムエントリ- by haircuts for men song img

this is a concept release.

READ VERY CAREFULLY BEFORE PURCHASINGthis is an analog ONLY release. none of these tracks will

ever be released by me digitally. it is up to you to trade

amongst yourselves to complete the collection.

all tapes are RANDOM

all cd-r's are RANDOM

buying more than one of each will not guarantee a complete set.

please do not buy more than one of each.

Complete list of all available tracks:


backpacks and tears

beach washed limes

bedroom daze

bird whistle

cartel runner

closed diners

crying for mommy...  more

ランダムエントリー by haircuts for men

- High Living by Belzoni - Full Album (late night vaporwave)

High Living - Belzoni

01. Slow Moves 0:00

02. Close Encounters 05:18

03. Private Visit 10:03

04. Forbidden Affair 11:51

05. Guessing 14:09

sampler by haircuts for men

sampler by haircuts for men song img

by haircuts for men - dreaming m e g a compilation

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a huge collection featuring the majority of my commercial dreams ltd output of singles and ep's.

dreaming m e g a compilation by haircuts for men

식료품groceries - 슈퍼마켓Yes! We’re Open

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- Esprit 想空 - virtua.zip [Full Album HD]


One of a very small few Vaporwave albums to incorporate very minimal sampling in favor of entirely self-composed tracks (only tracks 1, 6, 8 and 9 have any sampling whatsoever), Esprit 想空's virtua.zip is a fresh, groovy, summery and organic experience while still maintaining that intentionally digital and vintage 80's-90's feel. While each track is relatively short, they all provide incredibly chill atmospheres that shift and change as you listen to the album all the way through. This album is free to download on Esprit's bandcamp page, which will follow the track-listing below.

0:00 - whispers.wav

1:07 - iwillbe.wav

1:54 - slow2014.wav

4:32 - mindless.wav

6:40 - warmjet.wav

9:13 - esprit.wav

12:43 - select.wav

13:31 - love.wav

15:41 - peter.wav

17:29 - withyou.wav

20:59 - gameover.wav

21:51 - bonus.wav

Download here:

Weltgeist said: 'This is the ideal Vaporwave album, you may not like it, but this is what peak Vaporwave sounds like.'

SuperFastGuy7 said: 'Does anyone else find something weirdly intimate about these songs that are supposed to be artificial and soulless?'

Hortelan said: 'Me in 2014: I want to go back to 1997

Me in 2020: I want to go back to 2014 '

Esprit 想空 - virtua.zip [Full Album HD] by

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