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#Quotes (cup of tea with that book, please) Top Memorable Literary Fathers

“I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what.”

#Intrigue (Capper’s Farmer) Our Amish Neighbors

“Well, they must have found some because before we knew it, the horse and buggies became a normal sight. I love how you can wave to your neighbors and they wave back because they are not going 55 miles per hour down the road.”

#Vlogs (C.A. Dubois) International ManBooker Reads

#Intrigue (Audubon) A Life in Pursuit of Vireos

“So, had I finally gotten my fill of vireos? Hardly. For some reason we birders are compelled to pursue a species until we see its namesake trait. During fall in Cape May, most of the Red-eyed Vireos that migrate through are juveniles with brown, not red, eyes.”

#Stories (Uprising Review) The Watchful Spirit Of All Things

“Tomé didn’t know the foreigner’s name and didn’t need to. To the poachers, he was just the South African. They’d joked about a white man hunting a white elephant – it seemed perversely cannibalistic, a ghost hunting a ghost – but Sivori had really taken a dislike to him.”

#Audio (Guardian Books Podcast) Scottish crime fiction with Ann Cleeves and Chris Brookmyre


“Months ago the idea of a Japanese reading list started sprouting in my mind, and once I began writing down authors and titles in my pocket notebook I realised that there would be more than one list. Despite the word snow appearing in one of the titles below, it somehow felt right to ease into the summer reading Japanese literature.”

#Reviews (The Left-Handed Book Lover) Lefty’s Lowdown: Once and for All by Sarah Dessen

“In her past, we meet Ethan, who is sweet and charming and stole her heart instantly. We see their relationship’s glorious beginning–one night of pure connection–and my heart was absolutely humming as I read. However, it was also aching, as we know things do not end well between the two of them.”

#News (Savidge Reads) And The Winner of the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction 2017 is…

“I have popped links to all my thoughts on the shortlisted books, bar Do Not Say We Have Nothing which I have tried to complete twice.”


“The Signature of All Things is a fascinating, enormously wide ranging novel, taking in all manner of topics, from natural history to slavery, to the position of women and colonialisation.”

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