Get Gaming on the Go with the "GameBoks"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Thanks to creative minds in Denmark, the stereotypical solitary gamer may be no more. The "GameBoks" puts players in control of their consoles.

"The GameBoks is the go-to gadget for social gamers."

Gaming consoles aren't necessarily designed with portability in mind, but the GameBoks presents a sleek, sustainable solution to this as a literal portmanteau of all things necessary for great gaming.


At the suitable size of a briefcase, the GameBoks can house your console safely inside itself, along with a quiet cooling system and a 24-inch low latency screen. Yep, you're playing in a box. Clearly, gaming has come full circle.

The GameBoks makes the relative hassle of transporting your gaming gear from home to home for friendly fun significantly more satisfying. Plus, its quite beautiful in terms of its craftsmanship. You know you want one.


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