Get a Life make sense of "2 + 2 = 5"


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Swept up in virtual insanity, Get a Life's "2 + 2 = 5" presents life dissatisfaction's bitter pill in a dollop of icing.

Get a Life's style is fringe for sure, but in the best of ways. Techno tingling with indie spirit...

There's a lot to love...

"I've been stuck in a loop..."

Your morning meanders. Drapes fold at deep-set creases and daylight sparkles over airborne dust.

A toothbrush, a table, toast and telephone calls... The days bleed into each other.

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You're blinking in front of the TV. It's a first-person playthrough of life.

A toothbrush, a table, toast and telephone calls...

"Ain't nothing gonna change..."

"2 + 2 = 5" brings to mind the frenzied sounds of Adventure Time's soundtrack. There's enough going on to cause a conniption, yet it all inexplicably swirls into intelligible music.


There's a Blur feel to Get a Life's sound that's mesmerizing and disorienting at once. A digitized piano pounds a progression as a flock of sounds overtake it. Chiptunes punctuate each verse and stab at the rhythm. It's cool.

The tempo speeds in the absence of vocals and slackens upon their return. Amidst the heavily-populated soundscape of the song, such time-shifting sends a powerful message... Losing track of time altogether.

This is a seriously neat track to take in. Sporadic, nearly-demented and wonderful stuff to listen to. Give it a go.

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