George West Sleeps "Soñando"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Trippy trap darkness and fractured, splintering percussion mingle to magnificence in George West's fresh musical concoction "Soñando."

Odd Nugget S-done

Stones and steps and broken glass. Your feet a cut away from ribbons, a dull-lit lamp you approach.

Wet and waning, limping light provides no warmth. You huddle anyway.

Black eyes and tongues lash out at the edges. Spindly fingers outstretched... Soñaremos juntos... Up you wake.

Odd Nugg-done

West's "Soñando" is distinctly characterized by analogue percussion. The mad science touch of a genuine drummer...

True to its name, the song is fluid and vaguely immaterial as a dream, grounded only by bold, brazen percussion.

Nearing its end, "Soñando" turns digital, dissolving to a gaseous haze of synthetic fuzz. Quietus...

Experimental, percussion-heavy EDM fans will love this, as will the drum and bass bros. Jump in and enjoy.

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