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Taking the toiletries from your hotel room is the equivalent of looting a room in an RPG game..

At any rate...

RPG games to inspire, enlighten and possibly enrage... All this and more await gamers willing to pick these up and give them a go.

VenusBlood HOLLOW International

VenusBlood HOLLOW International video game Developed by Ninetail

Developed by Ninetail


In ancient times, the Holy Land of Helvetia flourished under the goddess Elnath's protection. Then the demons camepouring out from the land below, overrunning the holy land and defeating the goddess through violent warbringing about an age of darkness. The humans who once lived peacefully under the goddess' protection are now ruled over by the four demon queens, known as the Dark Lords. Any humans deemed worthless have their souls farmed to create Tactica, a crystalline object used as a material for weapons and as fuel.

However, a new conflict arises as rumors of Empress Karvia's plans to take over all of Helvetia spread, causing the other three Dark Lords to simultaneously declare war on the Empire. Despite being surrounded on all sides, Empress Karvia remains confident that she will prevail. After all, she has a secret task force under her command, one that served her well in the war against the goddess: The Black Arme Vapula, led by the war hero Leonhardt Arknoah.

Gameplay Features

Battalion Battles (Triple Squad Battles)

In this new instalment of the Venusblood series, we present you with the new "Battalion Battle" system! With three squads of six units each, you enter battle... with all units!

Watch the chaos unfold as units start fighting each other based on your orders and pre-set tactics...Sometimes battles are won before they even start!

Customizable Squad

Put together your own custom, unique teams! Be it a team filled with commander units only, common units only, or a set up based on synergistic affinities, you are free to create handmade teams to conquer the land. Create teams, deploy them, and watch as your custom-crafted teams destroy the enemy!

Squad Positioning on the Map

In VenusBlood HOLLOW, you can place your units on important chokepoints to play defensively, or you can go all-out and send multiple squads to the enemy base and capture it by force! Do you have what it takes to command your forces and lead them to victory with a tactical mind and strategic skills?

Optimizing Units

You can customize your units in various ways! Raise them, assign them to a squad, give them equipment, and bring them with you into battle! You can also assign titles to soldiers that you hire, which will allow the unit to learn skills that they would not have learned otherwise. Try putting together a unique squad comprised of only your favorite units and watch as they decimate the enemy forces!

Internal Administration

Internal administration is an important part of waging war as well! Your internal administration parameters influence your generation of food, magic, Anima (required to recruit units) and gold, as well as the effectiveness of your military and medicine. Logistics are important in a war, too!

Awakening System

You can choose to "awaken" a captured Dark Lord to make them loyal to you and your cause. Once a Dark Lord is fully awakened, both their outward appearance and personality will change. Will you leave the captured Dark Lords the way they are? Or will you break their will to awaken their new potential?

Multiple Endings

Depending on the decisions you make throughout the game, how the story progresses will change. Do you seek chaos and evil, or justice and nobility? Choose wisely, for they will influence the ending you get.

Both the Law and Chaos routes have unique endings, as well as sub-endings! Will you agree with Sylvias method and seek a more peaceful means of revolutionizing the Empire? Or will you give in to your desires and take a darker path of destruction to fulfill your ambitions...

Difficulty Modes Replayability

Multiple difficulty settings offer a wide range of gameplay options. For those who want to skip the gameplay and just enjoy the story, use the easy mode's "Win Skip" function to skip battles or even entire maps altogether. Hardcore fans, use the New Game Plus mode that allows you to carry over progress from your previous run and challenge the newly unlocked higher difficulty levels for a more challenging experience! In fact, if story isn't really your thing, there is also a battle royale mode available after clearing the game that cuts all story content!

VenusBlood HOLLOW International

VenusBlood HOLLOW International video game Developed by Ninetail video screen

More about this game here.

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Dweller's Empty Path

Dweller's Empty Path video game by temmie

Made by temmie

A smallRPGMaker game exploring the life of a lost being from another world.

Yoki wakes up from a nightmare and has some difficulty falling back asleep, so she decides to go on a short walk to clear her mind.

As you play as Yoki, you can choose to end the game at any time by returning to her bed and attempt another shot at getting some much needed rest.

Tem here!!!

Thank you for taking an interest in my next little (experimental) game!!! As you can see, much like Escaped Chasm, there isn't a whole lot you do besides walking around and talking to NPCS and objects (and also sometimes illustrations appear.)


It's much longer this time!!! Even though I'd say the game is around roughly hours.

This game has new added features since the last game, including the ability to save and pressing the shift button to go faster. (wow!!!) There's no animated cutscenes this time...but there are over illustrations Imade for this! I hope that makes up for not having any animation..

This game follows afterEscaped Chasm, so I recommend you play that before playing this! (Though, you don't really have to.. You'll still be able to understand everything that's going on even if you don't play it.)

Also, despite it having a different name, Istill consider this to be apart of the Escaped Chasm series. I couldn't name it Escaped Chasm because of the joke game I included in Escaped Chasm ()'s file folder.

Since even I got lost while testing the game, I've included a map in the game folder, and also some other little extra goodies and such!

Story, Characters, Concept, Illustration,Pixel Art, Animationby:

Temmie Chang

Music by:

Camellia- Arrangement Production MelodyChords

Toby Fox- MelodyChords

Temmie Chang - MelodyChords

Special Thanks:

Archeia- font script useRPGMaker troubleshooting help

Yanfly- use of MessageCore and CoreEngine pluggins

Chris Maltby - initially designed with gbstudio in mind

Sasuke Kannazuki - message sound plugin

Shawn Martins- playtest

Jos Venti - playtest

Joe Ryan - playtest

Allie Mehner - playtest

Sound programs:

bfxr - sound effects

pxtone - (Tem's) music

ABOUT MAC:When I was having the MAC version tested, my friend wasn't able to get the game to run, so I thought about excluding this version. However, I've been told that it may be possible to run with some kind of administrative powers..? So, just in case I decided to include the file now to download (I'm sorry if you can't get it to workif it's buggy(I haven't been able to test it)...)--The soundtrack is available on these platforms locatedhere!And also on bandcamp!!

Dweller's Empty Path

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Sword of Elpisia

Sword of Elpisia video game Developed by Exe Create Inc. and published by KEMCO

Developed by Exe Create Inc. and published by KEMCO


In Terra, a world whose civilization developed thanks to magic tools, there are frequent cases of people being turned into magic swords. Alice, a girl who is traveling with Aldo, the main hero, chooses to become a sword to rescue her friends. Will their journey and encounters lead them to a predetermined fate?


Throw yourself into the beautiful, complex turn-based battles, using magic swords with up to three weapons set! The overwhelming charm of pixelated graphics surround your entire world and adventure in a unique fantasy JRPG. Not to mention all the necessary elements from treasure hunting, quests, pet buddies to almost-infinite level caps!

High-definition battles using Magiswords!

Magisword skills and weapon skills need AP!Will you use Charge to completely restore AP?

Or will you continue to attack the enemy without any let-up?

Throw yourself into the beautiful, complex battles, using Magiswords with up to three weapons set!

The overwhelming charm pixels

Towns that really make you feel the lives of the residents...Battle scenes that really draw you in...

A single-player JRPG

In an intricate world of dot graphics, you can enjoy the story right to the end, without having to compete with others!

So many enjoyable elements!

Become buddies with a pet, for advantages in battle!

Get large numbers of items from huge treasure chests!

Levels up to ! Weapon strengthen values also up to !

Fun elements after you finish the winding path to the end of the game!

And many other elements to enjoy!

Sword of Elpisia

Sword of Elpisia video game Developed by Exe Create Inc. and published by KEMCO video screen

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Super Rhythm Duel

Super Rhythm Duel video game Developed by SRD TEAM and published by SRD TEAM

Developed by SRD TEAM and published by SRD TEAM

In Rhythm City, crime and chaos are disturbing. The balance between gangs is out of balance, the government is rotten, you must defeat the powerful enemies in Super Rhythm Duel, and restore the order of the city.

Super Rhythm Duel is a rhythm-based action game. Follow the beat, master the rhythmic patterns and posture system to beat them all.


Fighting in retro D sprites

Learn to input rhythmic patterns to perform versatile skills

Each enemy has tricky combat style, and you need to counter their actions to beat them

Try to equip different gears and upgrade skills to make combat easier


X: to put a red note confirm

Z: to put a blue note cancel

M: to collect a yellow note

arrows: move select in menus

Things we are working on:

A completed campaign mode

Add roguelite mechanics to improve the diversities of gameplay

More types of enemies, skills, gears and stages

Player versus player mode

If you like the game, please follow it and add it to wishlist.

Super Rhythm Duel

Super Rhythm Duel video game Developed by SRD TEAM and published by SRD TEAM video screen

More about this game here.

Final Fantasy XI Braver

Final Fantasy XI Braver video game by mithrandir133

Made by mithrandir133

Embark on an epic journey through the vast and dangerous lands of Vanadiel filled with bustling cities and savage beast lands. Our story takes place ten years after the Crystal War. Though the war wasdevastating for the peoples of Vanadiel, it had finally united the four nations; Bastok, San doria, Windurst and Jeuno, giving them cause to stand together in arms against an evil that threatened their world.

Where your story begins

After your last excursion in Valkurm Dunes, you have started to turn some heads. You are summoned to meet with theCaptain of theDucal Guard in the Grand Duchy of Jeuno. A new mission sends you to the Republic of Bastok where you uncover new and startling information that will send your party to a battle on the front lines that was never expected.

You can use this tool to help set up party combinations and determine what skillchains can be completed within your group with ease. Credited to Icydeath for his contribution!

Skillchain Calculator v.

Non-Profit Fan-Game based on Final Fantasy XI

Experience anexpanding RPG that continues to receive regular updates and new content

hours of gameplay

Battle Notorious Monsters for rare and exceptional gear

Master Jobs in tactical turn-based combat(Now including Beastmaster and Summoner!)

Skillchain Magic BurstWeapon Skill System

Unique Enemy AI requires the use of all character skills and resources to be managed wisely

Use special Limit Break abilities to turn the tide of battle in your favor

Level up to earn powerful Passive Abilities and Weapon Skills

Dive into an elaborate crafting system

Modify your gear to suit your play-style

Complete over Side Quests

Join theDiscord Serverfor access to

Sneak peaks at upcoming content

Community Challenges



Discussions with a growing and interactive community

A short article about FFXI Braver

Known Bugs Full list on the Discord Server

If you would like to contact me regarding the game with any questions, bug reports, or general assistance; PM me on discord Mithrandir

Final Fantasy XI Braver

More about this game here.

Fuchian Chronicles

Fuchian Chronicles video game Developed by ShenTzu and published by ShenTzu Games

Developed by ShenTzu and published by ShenTzu Games

First contact never ends well for the less advanced civilization.In the hundred years since the Galactic Fuchian Empire began its interstellar expansion, it has always been the more advanced civilization. Now, for the first time, the Empire has encountered another spacefaring species on par with theirs. After a disastrous first contact, conflict between the two civilizations seems inevitable. Facing an uncertain future, Kimi, a young cadet in the Empire, must navigate the harsh realities of war.- Selectable battle system: Choose between Active Time Battle, Conditional Time Battle, and Traditional Turn Based combat systems.- Ground and space combat: Fight on foot and command starships against enemies of the Empire.- Skills and abilities based on equipment: Swap weapons and equipment for abilities that suit your needs.- Crafting on the go: Collect materials in the field and use them to craft various supplies as needed.- No grinding for exp: Defeated enemies only give material for crafting, and instead you level up and gain stats based on story progression.- No random encounters: The majority of combat encounters is represented on the map and can be avoided if you dont want to fight them.- Choices matter: Your actions, and inaction, may affect the outcome of the story and lead to bonus rewards, or unexpected consequences.PLEASE NOTEThe above is a list of all the features currently in game, additional features may be added as development continues. The story of Fuchian Chronicles is incomplete while in Early Access. New chapters will be released every few months with the price of the game increasing gradually as they are. Players who buy the game will receive all chapters regardless of when you purchased it.Fuchian Chronicles is a remake of my first game, Space Fox Kimi, which was originally released on Steam in . I have learned a lot about game development since my first release, and wanted to update the game with new graphics, gameplay, and various other improvements before continuing with a sequel. Players whove played Space Fox Kimi will notice many similarities in the story with the original, but some story beats have been altered and there will be new plot points as well.I sincerely hope you enjoy my game, and thank you for supporting me!

Fuchian Chronicles

Fuchian Chronicles video game Developed by ShenTzu and published by ShenTzu Games video screen

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Potty Quest

Potty Quest video game by shy dog

Made by shy dog

The Bardsong teaser demo where you play as a magical non binary kid in search of a gender neutral bathroom in the spooky basement of a community college.

Potty Quest

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Read Lighthouse next.

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