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Open world games like these have a lot going for them. In fact, one of them could be your next all-time fave!

Lost Island

Lost Island video game Developed by Valkeala Software

Developed by Valkeala Software


You are trapped at Island. Your mission is to survive and collect food and drink so not to die. Also beware enemies who try to kill you. Collect weapons like sword,pistols etc to fight against enemies. Also there are 2 Smith guys at Island. They have you 2 missions where they need help: 1. Finding missing item and

2. Saving kidnapped scientists. Also collecting 13 golden camp fires player get steam achievements.

So be a hero and try to survive alone at this big Island


Enemies with weapons

Golden campfires hidden. Collecting those gives steam achievements

HungryThirst system. Collect food and drink to restore hungrythirst

Different weapons like sword,knife,pistol etc

Lot of collectables like hats etc

Drivable car

2 different missions: Find missing item and save captured scientists

Lost Island

Lost Island video game Developed by Valkeala Software video screen

More about this game here.

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Millikan's Reach

Millikan's Reach video game by Inferior Planet

Made by Inferior Planet

Millikan's Reach is currently in Early Access, so while the initial release build is fully playable, some significant features and content are still to come.


Set in a war-torn star system on the fringes of civilized space, Millikan's Reach is a single-player open-world space shooter with trading and mining elements -built in the image of classics like Freelancer or Elite. A clean art style, fluid dogfighting and an easy-to-learn economy ensure an experience you can quickly pick up and play, without compromising the freedom that the best in the genre has to offer.

Start with a small scout craft and claw your way up into grander and more powerful vessels through whatever means you choose. Become a bounty hunter, wiping out the system's criminal scum. Go mercenary and take a side in the war between the proud Terran Empire and the alien Millikan Hive-Mind. Mine ore or trade cargo, playing the market for the best deals in the system. You can even become a space pirate, and raid cargo ships for loot and profit.

Current Features

Eighteen playable spacecraft, each filling a unique role in their respective fleet

A variety of weapons systems, ranging from basic plasma blasters to space shotguns andhoming seeker-cannons

Several commodities that can be bought, sold, extracted from asteroids, or even stolen from less-fortunate pilots

A dynamic reputation system, allowing you to side with whomever you desire

Five unique freelance mission types, from basic cargo runs to clearing minefields

Still To Come

Subject to Change!

Several new locations to explore, including the mysterious clouded rings of the planet Loki!

New freelance mission types, including jobs to perform for the criminal faction, the Atropos Cartel!

New NPC types, expanding to include all playable spacecraft plus at least one additional capital ship!

Rare, unique secret fighter craft to unlock and pilot!

Improved controls and UI for the PC build!

Storyline missions: involve yourself in the war effort and uncover the secrets behind the mysterious Inrathan ruins!

Millikan's Reach

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Huckleberry Fields Forever

Huckleberry Fields Forever video game Developed by Enoznal LLC and published by Enoznal LLC

Developed by Enoznal LLC and published by Enoznal LLC

A priceless painting has been stolen, and the only ones who can find it are Huckleberry Fields and his friends. Huckleberry Fields Forever is a platformer mystery mashup: think platformers (Super Mario World, Sonic The Hedgehog, etc.) mixed with mystery exploration games (Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego), all procedurally generated.

Chase thieves around the globe. 50 real-world locations. Hundreds of levels.

Interview witnesses. Gather clues. Eliminate suspects.

Awesome co-op platforming action.

Mystery platformer: Classic 2D platforming action mixed with mystery and exploration. Was the thief bald? Did he wear glasses? He went boating on the Spree--where's that? (If your geography is rusty, don't worry, press pause and check the handy in-game reference.)Travel the world: Catch a flight to anywhere on the globe open-world-style and visit hundreds of levels across over 50 real-world locations.Procedurally generated: Each case is procedurally generated from meticulously handcrafted components, including the overworld maps, levels, and even the suspects.Exploration: Secret exits, hidden rooms, invisible blocks, special items. Keep your eyes open because there's a lot to find and discover in each and every level.Hidden in each level are witnesses and clues. Find them to figure out what the thief looks like and where they went. Or get distracted earning coins to spend in shops, riding motorcycles, completing outdoor patches (sidequests), or even get a job. But don't dally too long.Huckleberry and friends have only 72 hoursabout an hour in real timeto solve each case, which is perfect for a single play session. Play for an hour and actually accomplish something. Or binge your way through the whole multi-case story arc. That's cool too.Randomly generated cases and procedurally generated levels means no two cases will be the same. New suspects, new world maps, and new levels every case.The world is packed with 100 unique items to discover and collect over the course of your adventure. Upgradeable weapons, equippable shoes that provide new abilities, permanent skill upgrades, and even new characters and outfits are scattered throughout the world for you to find and play with.Solve the case alone or with friends. Grab three of your closest buddies and work together to track down the thief. Or just hit each other with hammers and baseball bats in a frantic race to the level exit. Either way. It mostly depends on what kind of friends you have.

Huckleberry Fields Forever

Huckleberry Fields Forever video game Developed by Enoznal LLC and published by Enoznal LLC video screen

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OneForAll video game Developed by Relka studio

Developed by Relka studio

Did you ever dream about playing a post-apocalyptic zombie game where you create your own adventure?So You Might Want to Hear About This Game!This game takes place after an apocalyptic attack and you're one of the last survivors.Everything you see around you is the result of the government's most secret project called "Project X".The project began due to the identification of strange creatures beneath the territory of the country,After a very special and secret operation of the government which amounted to success a large number of these creatures were captured and the experiments and investigations on them began.After many studies, it has been identified that these creatures are a new species that resembles us, humans, only with a very rare genetic mutation called the "X" gene and that they do not have the ability to feel fear or pain at all!This information led the elected officials in the government to the desire to use them as "slaves", for the purpose of protecting the state, building weapons, and other jobs that require a lot of courage and great power.But one day everything got complicated, the government that was in those days collapsed, and everything was just abandoned.All the scientists who worked on the project simply disappeared, which eventually turns out to have become part of this strain, and has reached a state of global spread!Your goal is to find a way to overthrow these zombies and maybe even succeed in restoring peace.Features:Singleplayer ExplorationInventory, quest and level systemOpen world to explore and many possible things to do


OneForAll video game Developed by Relka studio video screen

More about this game here.

The Unbreakable Gumball

The Unbreakable Gumball video game by Maxalo

Made by Maxalo


The Unbreakable Gumball is an open-world, sandbox superhero game leveraging the power of virtual reality to make you really feel like a hero. The game takes place in the 22nd century, in Elysia, a city-state suspended over the Atlantic ocean with buildings both above and below its surface. Put an end to crime in the city, put villains behind bars, and save people in need as The Unbreakable Gumball!


Gumball has a lot of abilities, including but not limited to:

Gumlines: Used to swing around the city, or to pull and throw objects and enemies around.

Gumballs: Projectiles for ranged combat that come in many shapes, sizes, and effects.

Bubbles: Blow bubbles to glide around, get some extra height, or safely float down to the ground.

Chewing gum: Chew different flavors of gum for passive effects like increased damage, faster speed, and regenerating health.


A small demo has been created to give you an idea of what it's like to be Gumball!

What's in the demo?

A smaller version of Elysia

Targets to shoot

Rings to pass through

Dummies to punch

Original music

What's NOT in the demo?

AI enemies

Chewing gum

Different gumball types

Finished graphics

An Oculus Rift with Touch or an HTC Vive is required to play.

Gumball can also be found on Steam!

FollowGumballGameon Twitter to stay up-to-date with the latest Gumball news!

The Unbreakable Gumball

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The Hierophant

The Hierophant video game Developed by Nuclear Caveman Games and published by Nuclear Caveman Games

Developed by Nuclear Caveman Games and published by Nuclear Caveman Games

The Hierophant-

The Hierophant is a simple and traditional style top-down 2D turn-based RPG set in a linear open-world with many biomes and environments to explore!

All kinds inhabit these lands, like simple folk with the intention of good, some for the thirst for treasure, spellcasters, and the holy clerics all who walk just.

Though, not all is forever peaceful.

A shroud brings forth cattle slaughter, the waters turn to blood, and tragedy unfolds, awakening the prophecy.

Features.A Story!Random battles!10 playable characters!Assemble a party of 4!Fishing!Over 120 Items, Weapons, and Armor!Over 60 Creatures to encounter!Magic!Bring peace to the land!

The Hierophant

The Hierophant video game Developed by Nuclear Caveman Games and published by Nuclear Caveman Games video screen

More about this game here.


EverWorld video game Developed by Light Up Game Studios and published by Light Up Game Studios

Developed by Light Up Game Studios and published by Light Up Game Studios

EverWorld is a procedurally generated, action RPG adventure with deeply simulated artificial intelligence.

Procedurally generated, infinite world

Complex AI decisioning driven by goals, personality, opinions and context awareness

AI driven content generation

Procedurally generated items, magic, metals, crystals and quests

NPCs that remember the player's behaviour

Simulated civilisation and economy


EverWorld video game Developed by Light Up Game Studios and published by Light Up Game Studios video screen

More about this game here.

Vintage Story

Vintage Story video game by Tyron

Made by Tyron

Please note: After purchase, please redeem your key on the "My Purchase" page - it is a link that lets you create a game account to log in to the game.

Vintage Story is an uncompromising wilderness survival sandbox game inspired by lovecraftian horror themes. Find yourself in a ruined world reclaimed by nature and permeated by unnerving temporal disturbances. Relive the advent of human civilization, or take your own path.

Progress through the ages in an authentic world

Start out empty-handed and learn to survive by foraging, hunting, crafting, and fighting. Enter the stone age by knapping primitive stone tools and sculpting clay for essential pottery. Advance further by smelting copper for more powerful tools, creating bronze alloys, learning to work iron, and ultimately mechanizing common tasks.

Immensely large, immensely diverse procedural worlds

Enter a vast open world populated by a range of cute, strange, dangerous, and outright horrifying creatures. Vintage Story utilizes a great deal of procedural technology to create immensely diverse landscapes, climate conditions, and geological features to always keep exploration fresh and exciting.

A wicked universe backed by original story elements

Take on the role of a lost being in the body of a tall blue creature and discover the remnants of civilization. There is no linear storytelling; it is up to you to piece together who you are and what has happened from the little evidence that remains. During your journey you will encounter wayward creatures, find old stories, battle temporal instability, and endure temporal storms.

Immersive crafting mechanics

Vintage Story aims to turn all crafting processes into an immersive, in-world experience. You create stone tools by breaking off individual stone pieces, form pottery by placing small bits of clay, and craft sturdy tools by casting molten metal or by working hot ingots voxel-by-voxel on an anvil.

Vintage Story

More about this game here.

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