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Social media statistics farmers prove why MMORPG and similar varieties of games were and still are so successful..

But, imagine, if you will...

You don't need to break the bank to buy any of these awesome indie mmorpg games. Just grab them on steam or itch and start playing!


Piratopia video game Developed by Adi Zhavo and published by Adi Zhavo

Developed by Adi Zhavo and published by Adi Zhavo

PvE and PvP

Loot NPCs or other players in the same Server. Use the looted items to upgrade your Ship and craft special ammunition to conquer the Server!

Special equipments

Learn and use 10 unique equipments to turn battles in your favour through skills and luck!

Base Cannon - Weak but versatile.

Flamethrower - Burst down enemies.

Electric Bomb - Stuns enemies for a short amount of time.

Railgun - Tons of damage that pierces through enemies.

Mortar - Effective against forts.

Mines - Effective against a group of enemies.

Shotgun - Effective at close range.

Force Field - Pushes enemies away and stuns them.

Invulnerability Shield - Activate a shield that nullifies all damage.

Harpoon - Dash from incoming hits or move around faster.

Chat with other pirates

Reputable pirates know when to stand together, especially when it comes down to rare loot. Team-up with other players but stay alert, betrayal is inevitable.

Roguelike Elements

If you die, you lose some of your resources and gold. Only the ship level, gems and gold is saved in a session so upgrade as much as you can before logging off!

Collect resources to permanently upgrade your ship, craft special weapon's bullets and hire crew. Collect all the gems to claim the BMF title and beat the game!

Survive and Upgrade to become the greatest Pirate! Arrgghh!


Piratopia video game Developed by Adi Zhavo and published by Adi Zhavo video screen

More about this game here.

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Dead Event

Dead Event video game Developed by SourJ and published by Tactical Edge Gaming

Developed by SourJ and published by Tactical Edge Gaming

Checkout the gameplay video from Indie Patron on YouTube:

YouTube Video: Dead Event Gameplay NEW Indie MMORPG 2022

Views: 865

Dead Event is an indie MMORPG that is open world and where PvP is promoted. You can choose from around a dozen different creature (class) choices to play as, a party and guild system are already in...

Grow bigger overtime with idle growth experience every 5 minutes and with in-game interactions. Thrive in a player based ecosystem, choose from 12 different species of creatures to play as and 100 creatures planned for the future. Fight other monsters and world bosses while you explore the world.

1000 unique items to find, all items have random bonus statistics, even two of the exact same item won't be the same.

Customizable creature statistics, every creature is unique, max level is 1000 along with endless attribute gain.

Group up with a Herd and share growth experience. Form a Colony and give some of your growth experience to grow the colony to unlock colony skills.

Hardcore open world player vs player (PvP). Fight for territory in intense colony wars.

Quest, harvest, craft, build, weather, world and holiday events, cosmetics-hats skins.

Death penalty is you lose 1 of your growth experience on death and your current growth bar progress however a colony skill call redemption can reduce this.

Planned Player vs Environment (PvE) Dungeons along with different mapsbiomes so you can choose your living conditions.

Join our helpful Discord Community for more information, help, support and friends. The community feedback shapes the game, come grow with us!

Dead Event

Dead Event video game Developed by SourJ and published by Tactical Edge Gaming video screen

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Anarchy: Wolf's law

Anarchy: Wolf's law video game Developed by Street's Game and published by Street's Game

Developed by Street's Game and published by Street's Game

We thank you for your time and for any reviews that you leave us. It's only with your help that we can make something new, wonderful and unique! In the end, thank you for playing the game. I am aware of many shortcomings, but these improvements need time and energy. I am happy to share my game, but please respect the results of my labor.

A small industrial hinterland is subject to chaos. Your right to be here must be constantly defended. Step by step you establish your own order in the area, discover new places and improve your character's skills. Remember that you are not the only one who wants to rule here, invite your friends and show them who is boss. You won't play directly with your friends, but that doesn't mean they can't interfere in your gameplay. Set in a new post-apocalyptic sci-fi universe, players will encounter a seamless, open world filled with colorful enemy characters, various mutant categories and a variety of intense and exciting adventures. Unique gameplay allows players to interact while in single-player mode. Try your hand and only the strongest will have power in the region.

Production management

Features of the game:

Active agile first-person shooter.

Strategic and economic gameplay

Ability to compete with friends or with random people in implicit multiplayer mode.

Large number of weapons. Pistols, submachine guns, submachine guns and machine guns are available to you in the game.

Cars, trucks and helicopters. Use passenger cars to quickly move between locations. You can also use trucks to transport economically important cargo. And only very influential players can afford to maintain a helicopter.

The large open world of 9 square kilometres will be fully accessible, but not every region is safe to be in.

Dynamic change of time of day

Weapons and Cars

The rules and inner workings of the gameplay:

The game is structured so that each of the players in the room plays their individual single-player game, but the global positions are synchronised between room members. I.e. if you capture a strategic point, for everyone in the room it is shown as yours, if you have enough resources to strengthen the defense of that point, it will be much harder for all the other players to capture it, because of the increased number of defense bots, or to increase their combat quality, at your expense. You can also increase the redemption cost of a point by investing game money into its development, and it won't be enough for the other players to capture the point, they will have to possess an amount of money higher than the bar you set. For example there is always the choice to strengthen one position but very well or two positions but at an average level. What is the best course of action is up to you.

When approaching an objective you will have the choice of passing it in Stealth mode or engaging in an open confrontation in Arcade mode. Stealth mode is favoured in high difficulty areas where reinforced defence forces are more likely to kill you if alerted, but where you can get a lot of bang for your buck if you play stealthily. If you stand on the threshold of a region that you can, feel free to include arcade mode, in which case you will have a place to rebuild near the captured positions, as well as, depending on the training of your character, starting bonuses when revived. Remember, however, that all bonuses have to be paid for in coin.

Each point has a certain economic value. Owning combinations of control points increases their economic potential many times over. With that in mind, it must be understood that not only skillful weaponry will bring you closer to victory, but also the intelligent allocation of economic resources. You'll need to keep the infrastructure of your facilities in good working order to maximise your profits. Infrastructure can be damaged by time or by a rival saboteur if he enters your territory.

Of course you do not always have the time to fight back your rivals, but that is no problem. The mobile app will give you time to deal with economic issues, alert you to attempts to reclaim your landlord.

attempts to recapture your points, to strengthen your point defenses or to collect profit. Profits not yet collected can be stolen by other players. Once they have infiltrated you, they may not be able to take control of the point, but they can rob you or sabotage it, so it's important to keep your finger on the pulse of the game and a mobile app can be a good helper.

Submit this world to your laws, win economically and by force, crush the anarchy in the region with a firm fist of your power.

partner games

Anarchy: Wolf's law

Anarchy: Wolf's law video game Developed by Street's Game and published by Street's Game video screen

More about this game here.


Polity video game Developed by Jib Games and published by Jib Games

Developed by Jib Games and published by Jib Games

Polity is a social RPG in a user-generated world, where people can rule their own country or become citizens of other players' countries. This world offers you the opportunity to shape your own utopia with real players. Establish your country, customize it, and set your own rules, or find a profession you are fond of as a citizen. Both choices will lead you to different paths. Alongside being a citizen, basic professions (such as farmer, forester, etc.) are designed to create a purpose-based atmosphere; in this way, players can internalize the profession on their way to being president. These professions consist of various quests and popular casual games, which are aimed to be educational and entertaining at the same time.The game is set on a mysterious planet called Blue Dot 2 (BD-2). This planet is discovered by an AI-powered spaceship, JP-01G. The AI system collects data about this mysterious planet: It is mostly covered with water, but there is no sign of life. A new civilization is ready to build on BD-2: Platforms are waiting for their citizens. Here is where your journey begins. During this journey, you will find your own path while exploring the world you are comfortable in. Come and start to explore the world of Polity!Express yourself!Be free in style while choosing the features and clothes of your avatar. Furnish your places. We are regularly updating our Clothing and Furniture Stores to give you better and fashionable service.Be Professional!Basic professions we trust to build a strong society. These professions meet the needs of society. We earn our crust from the soil: Be Farmer or Forester!Achieve and Complete!All we need is success. In the way of success, Polity invites you to accomplish the various quests in accordance with your profession.Be Social!You are not alone unless you want to be one. You can chat with other players through Chat Balloons or the private chat on your 'IDPhone'. This is the new way of socializing we can offer you during the pandemic.Unconditionally Merchant!In-game trading is fun: Buy and sell items or barter your goods with other avatars' goods.Explore!Customized platforms by real players waiting for their visitors or future citizens. Come and visit them to see many personal dreamlands!During the Early Access period, Regular Updates are scheduled for bug fixes and new features and contents.What are we planning for and expecting from our game?Our game has a bright future in which players should give a chance during this period to witness our development journey.We have a mission: Focusing on Education and gamifying it!We are growing and developing by adding new content and features: Interacting with all the items, unique dialogues, a splendid sci-fi story in an MMORPG. We already have a system and want to stabilize it without any misadventures to create an adventure for our playersJoin us in our journey so we can develop our game!Stay tuned for more on the Steam page and our other social media networks!


Polity video game Developed by Jib Games and published by Jib Games video screen

More about this game here.

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