Frightful Ocean Set Sail On a "Little Wave" of Sound

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Charismatic as it is dramatic, Frightful Ocean's "Little Wave" waives its claim to normality to favor a full dose of imagination.

With coordinated dynamics set ablaze by a big bundle of meaning, this tune sets you adrift on a river of reverberations.

Tone deaf and reeling...

You swore you left it somewhere...

Your salt-shaker soul.

"We're all going in this time, together..."

Frightful Ocean seek out something grand and indescribable in "Little Wave," leaving no emotion unturned.

Guitar strings plead, pensive, with a deep, dark canyon of tones. Words work slow magic over a great, big writhing thing - tribal muck, wavering horns and disembodied arpeggios; it's alive. Cymbals crash like impending doom in a steady crescendo, then collapse atop a surviving melody.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

Poetry in motion, "Little Wave" leaves you contemplating in its colorfully harmonic wake. Amid the masked record pops and clicks, mad scenery shows up and shambles away. It's an adventure, an adventure by sense and sound to some strange unknown.

Make of this tune whatever you will. No matter how you cut it, "Little Wave" is well worth a listen. Listen.

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