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Boats are one example where bigger is normally better.

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You have probably never heard any of the kooky boat stories included below, but a bit of scrolling will fix that...

I smiled gleefully as I slipped undetected onto the boat.

It was after a low growl filled the air that I realized there was a reason Noah didn't need to guard this side of his ark.

Posted on Reddit by maninplainview.

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While in the boat on our first fishing trip with my best friend, my friend smiles and says thank you

He pulls up a knife and says it only took me 30 years pretending to be your best friend to finally get to this moment

Posted on Reddit by BosskingNorway.

I thought the captain of our fishing boat was just being friendly when he kept calling me his chum.

That was untill he picked up his ax

Posted on Reddit by TheZigRat.

My brothers and cousins all work on the fishing boats trawling the rich banks way off-shore.

Not far below them lie the fields where our grand-daddy used to grow corn and sweet-potatoes in a place that was called Carolina.

Posted on Reddit by A-3Jammer.

I plunged into the deep surrounding by shoals of fish, my safety line tied behind trailing back to the boat

I was only about 20 feet down when I saw the shoal razor through it, then turn to chase me with my only means of escape severed

Posted on Reddit by Pearse_Borty.

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