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I never realized I was a hoarder until I played rpg games and would pick up every item.

As an aside...

Just about every game featured below has something good going for it. Keep reading to find out which rpg game you should pick up and play today.

Dungeon Maker

Dungeon Maker video game Developed by Brian De La Franier and published by Tavarin Games

Developed by Brian De La Franier and published by Tavarin Games

Dungeon Maker is a multiplayer applicationgame to bring your tabletop fantasy role-playing online. Dungeon Maker is designed to work best with the Dungeons and Dragons e ruleset, though no content from DnD is included with the game.

With Dungeon Maker you can design Characters, Enemies, and NPCs, and set their portraits which will be shared to all players in the game.

Dungeon masters can use the Campaign Designer to create a world map for your campaign, and host this campaign to any players without having to have players download the maps.

A continually evolving and robust Map Maker will let you create encounters and areas for your players to explore. These maps and encounters are hosted purely by the Dungeon master, so anyone can join without downlaoding the campaign.

Campaigns are hosted over the internet by IP, or locally on a LAN. Let your play group join you from anywhere. A video tutorial for multiplayer IP can be found on the Tavarin Games YouTube channel:

can see the world, interact with NPCs and enemies, and roleplay to their heart's content.

Dungeon Masters can switch between maps and encounters, control enemies and NPCs, move players, and control the game.

Dungeon Maker

Dungeon Maker video game Developed by Brian De La Franier and published by Tavarin Games video screen

More about this game here.

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Space Funeral

Space Funeral video game by thecatamites

Made by thecatamites

Phillip and Leg Horse set off on a mission to find the mysterious City Of Forms. In their travels they must overcome ghosts, criminals, hypnosis, lions, Dracula, cryptic letters, muscle hedonists, swamp knights, blood ghouls, and more to discover the secret of Space Funeral.

Originally released September . Made in RPG Maker . Music credits in game and in "Music" folder of download.

This has been re-exported from the latest RMk version which should hopefully fix any font issues.


Arrow keys - walk

Z - interact

X - menu

Space Funeral

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Outerverse video game Developed by Tbjbu2 and published by Freedom Games

Developed by Tbjbu2 and published by Freedom Games

Outerverse is a quest-driven, crafting automation adventure game. Build automated machines and weapons, then use them to travel across the universe, beat massive titans, and advance your technology while experiencing cosmic events. Includes a manual scenario for crafting instead of machines for those not a fan of logicautomation!

Defeat massive Titans, each one unique and with a special mechanic to defeat. Shoot fireballs at the Tree Titan, launch rockets into the Rock Titan, build lasers to obliterate the Negative Titan, all that and more!

Automate unique machines and farms using logic, transportation, and spawning systems inspired by Redstone Minecraft Automation. Design your own custom machines, or use pre-made schematics for simplicity! Alternatively, choose the manual crafting scenario for the same experience but with crafting instead of machines - without machines, farms, logic or wires.Follow a questline that will fully guide your adventure. Progress to unlock better equipment and new space travel technology. From starting out and learning the basics, to defeating the most massive titans, the questline will guide you through the whole way.During the questline you will experience exciting cosmic events in unforgettable locations while you explore the universe made out of beautiful procedural space fields such as galaxy clusters, galaxies, neutron stars with accretion disks, gas planets, quasi stars, and more!Play Without Machines


Outerverse video game Developed by Tbjbu2 and published by Freedom Games video screen

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Rising of the Moon - Part

Rising of the Moon - Part video game Developed by Valyutechnik and published by Valyutechnik

Developed by Valyutechnik and published by Valyutechnik

A fun, story rich RPG for those who want some challenge.

Do you really love potato?

Do you hate flowers or ragweed?

Do you like throwing away priceless artifacts?

Do you like trying to beat that boss again after the th time?

Does your life sorely lack a game where you can choose which plate of chicken is the least burnt inbetween beating up enemies?

When you see someone trying to steal, do you ponder if you should teach them a lifelong wisdom or just punch the living hell out of them?

If you answered Yes to any of these, this RPG is the game for you!

Rising of the Moon - Part is all about these, and more.

Join the story of Robert, the stoic warrior with PTSD, Ben, the buff, aggressive but friendly sailor, and Lorien, the hot-headed mage girl with reckless behaviour and acute pyromania.

Take part in decisions, which either shape the current story, or have far-reaching consequences at the ending. Also, feel free to try out all the choices, after all, we didn't work for you to only see half of the game!

Our bossfights always have a unique element which you need to figure out, else they are quite hard to beat, though not impossible. Except for the first boss, that one's easier since we wanted to lull you all into a false sense of security. Wait...

While the game is sort of linear, the three areas of the game all have lots of characters who you can interact with. Especially the last one, that city's so big you'll probably get lost in it at first. Which is okay, since we stuffed it full of interesting stuff.

If you have any suggestions or criticism, feel free to post in our Discussion Forum! Go easy on us though, this is our first proper game. Coming soon to Steam in English!

Hungarian language update is coming in January th at the latest.

Minor balance changes and some extra finishing touches on the Hungarian language contents still coming in a couple days.

Also, for suggestions, or if you just loved the game, feel free to check out our Discord server for the game!

Link: https:discord.ggtKpfKssx

Rising of the Moon - Part

Rising of the Moon - Part video game Developed by Valyutechnik and published by Valyutechnik video screen

More about this game here.

Escaped Chasm

Escaped Chasm video game by temmie

Made by temmie

Asmall little RPGmaker game about a lonely girl with a connection to another world that she sees in her dreams.


May contain some loud and prolongedlowhigh pitchmoments and unsettling atmosphereelements. May also contain some flashing lights moments!!

Tem here!!!It's my first time making an RPGmaker game!! Its my first time trying to put together my own project outside of an animated thing (though... I guess this is still sort of.. that..). I've always wanted to make an RPGMaker game, though I guess it isn't much of a game. Its around - minutes long (though I guess it could be longer if you try to get all the endings).

There's around different endings you can get.

Asmall warning that one of the endings is a little creepyunsettling.. But hopefully its not too much. Also... occasionally a movie might freeze... I'm not really sure what causes this, if it happens, try restarting the game. I'm sorry if this happens :( It seems like this has been working for some people as a fix, so you could give it a try!you for stopping by!! I hope you like it!! I'll try to make more one day.

Hopefully I set up the downloading option right where you don't have to pay for it. But feel free to donate if you'd like to support me!!

Story,Illustration,Pixel Art, CutscenePixelAnimationby:Temmie ChangMusic by:Toby Fox- in-game musicJames Roach- TV-scene animation songsSound Design:fatbard- (story) cutscene animation sound designSpecial Thanks:Archeia - a lot of help with learning RPGMakerhelping solve problemsplugginfont helpYanfly - use of MessageCore and CoreEngine plugginsSasuke Kannazuki - message sound pluginStephen Lavelle- use of bfxr (sound effects program I used to make in-game sounds)SumRndmDde- I wanted to mention them because their youtube tutoriallearning series was incredibly helpful and made the program less intimidating to explore, learn and useIf for any reason your anti-virus gets upset at the normal version of the game, I included a more aesthetically default (RPGMaker icon) version available to download as well.Regarding MAC version:Sorry... there are some bugs and errors in the MAC version.. I'm not so sure how to fix them right away, but for now I've included it in downloads (though I recommend reading the TXT file if you can!!)

Escaped Chasm

More about this game here.

Myoubouh Catcher

Myoubouh Catcher video game Developed by Myoubouh Corp and published by Myoubouh Corp

Developed by Myoubouh Corp and published by Myoubouh Corp

In Myoubouh Catcher play as the young Namobouh of the proud people of Myoubouh.

Join Namobouh on this adventure and hunt fireflies, to put them as much as possible in a safe place, because you know, outside the village, the danger is everywhere !

Particularity of this adventure ? Myoubouh are peaceful beings, so it is very difficult for them to eliminate an enemy !

The Myoubouh's mainly use bows with arrows that have soporific properties and wich project enemies backwards. We must therefore think about the position of enemies before shooting and put them asleep, because they can be real alive enigmas so solve ! The worst thing about this story is that fireflies often like to stay in warm place, close to dangerous Namobouh's enemies. Myoubouh Catcher life's are comlicated, no ?

A game of adventure, action, observation and reflection, where even enemies can become small puzzles to solve.

More than fireflies to find !

Explore mysterious caves, dig holes with a pickaxe, blow cracks thanks to Klakaboums and more !

Collaborate directly with the Myoubouh elder in person, and enjoy a good dose of funny moments.

An easy mode to enjoy a more accessible gaming experience is available.

Myoubouh Catcher

Myoubouh Catcher video game Developed by Myoubouh Corp and published by Myoubouh Corp video screen

More about this game here.

Mercs Fully Loaded

Mercs Fully Loaded video game Developed by ByteBomb Studios and published by ByteBomb Studios

Developed by ByteBomb Studios and published by ByteBomb Studios

Mercs Fully Loaded is a TPS RPG Start your career at Mercs-HQ as their newest recruit. Help restore Mercs-HQ to its former glory Equip yourself with the latest weapons from Mercs-HQ or go full fledge fisticuffs with your enemies. Either way, Mercs always get the job done. Fight alongside your friends, face each other's enemies, even help out sporadically or just turn on each other. When playing Co-op it's all about the freedom of choice. Waiting for your friend to gear up? No Problem, go work on your progress in the meantime without leaving the session. Arcade games can be found just about anywhere around Mercs-HQ. You can unlock new arcade games by completing quests earn rewards every time you play. Fight for survival in this endless D Hack N Slash. Face countless foes while you slash your way to the top of this chaos-filled adventure. Run as far as you can without falling on the traps along your path to glory. Build the tallest tower in Merc Tower, the more accurate you are the higher you can build. Change the look and feel of your character with new Exo-Shells, each one holds its own stats and performance upgrades. Help the RD team out by completing specialized quests which can earn you new weapons, fighting skills new content around Mercs-HQ Battle Tower is a simulated combat system, the system randomly decides the simulation location, objective reward. Not happy with the random selection, Mercs can bypass settings by paying a little in-game currency to re-roll location, objective, or add rewards to the stack. Fight in single-player or co-op with other Mercs! Battle Towers is expandable with new objective types coming in the future!

Mercs Fully Loaded

Mercs Fully Loaded video game Developed by ByteBomb Studios and published by ByteBomb Studios video screen

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Mr. Krabs Commits Arson

Mr. Krabs Commits Arson video game by JustACuteBoi

Made by JustACuteBoi

Following the events of Mr. Krabs Tax Evasion, Mr. Krabs and Spongebob lose all of their money after their plane crashes. In an attempt to secure the bag, they plan todefraud Eugene's insurance companyexecuting Order from the Krusty Krab handbook...


Follow Eugene on his journey of redemption and sacrifice all while committing both white and blue collar crimes. Experience the unseen side of Eugene Krabs in what will surely make a great minute YouTube video.

All music used is YouTube safe

Follow me here and subscribe to my YouTube channel

to Club Songhere


Mr. Krabs Commits Arson

More about this game here.

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