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Check out all of these awesome roguelike 2d games by indie game studios and indie game developers. There are some real gems in the mix!

Dungeon Dueler

Dungeon Dueler video game Developed by DziczeDzieci and published by DziczeDzieci

Developed by DziczeDzieci and published by DziczeDzieci

Dungeon Dueler is a hack and slash game set in a fantasy pixel world.

Deliberately create your equipment it will decide about your life or death.

Explore potion creator and make mixtures that gives you an advantage on the battlefield.

Fight creatures in turn-based mode. Use everything to survive encounter.

Rest and sharpen your weapon before fight. Grab every loot you can find in the dungeon.

Train your skills with sword master and learn spells with elder wizard.

Don't forget about missy selling things from all over the world.

After that you are ready to start a pray for surviving first encounters.

Journey may turn out to be too difficlt, use retirement option then to start the game all over again with some of the equipment from the previous game.

And remember you will get as far as your equipment is good, so don't you dare to neglect it.

Dungeon Dueler

Dungeon Dueler video game Developed by DziczeDzieci and published by DziczeDzieci video screen

More about this game here.

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GENEMON  video game by OVERBOY ツ

Made by OVERBOY ツ


Embody a Bio-hacker owning an High-Tech Genegun able to give rise to Genemons, some genetically modified creatures built up to struggle against some others and capable to fuse into new ones to fight into explosive underground arena battles."

MADE IN 3 DAYS FOR THE 32TH LUDUM DARE. Theme was "An Unconventional Weapon" LD entryOut of 2800 entries, the game came 8th Overall, 9th in Fun and 9th in Graphics---INSTRUCTIONS----------------------------------------------------------Your goal is to crush the opponent's DNA tank with your Genemons.To load a some Genemons in your Genegun, just LEFT-CLICK once on a Genemon icon.Then, if your Genegun contains enough DNA, LEFT CLICK once again on the terrain in oder to spawn it.In their fierce battle, Genemons sometimes drop some DNA or Fusion Cells.MOUSE OVER these to collect them in your Genegun.Finally, if your Genegun contains enough Fusion Cells, trigger a Genevolution by DRAGGING AND DROPPING a Genemon icon onto another and a reveal a new Genemon.After each round, choose a new enhancement for your Genegun !You must ask permission if you want to upload this game on your own website.contact :overboy.gamesgmail.com Overboy- Twitter, Itch.io,YoutubeTheophile Loaec- TwitterAugustin Grassin- Twitter-------------------------------------------------------------------------


More about this game here.

Knight Story

Knight Story video game Developed by Azerbaijan Technology

Developed by Azerbaijan Technology

Black and white 2D platformer about a knight's journey.

The player can control the knight, jump, run, climb walls. The task is to kill all the enemies on the level in order to open the entrance to the next level.

The knight has two weapons, a sword for close combat and stars for ranged attacks. The number of stars is limited.

Also, by destroying plants, you can find an increase in life and be treated.

More than 20 levels and bosses are available.

Knight Story

Knight Story video game Developed by Azerbaijan Technology video screen

More about this game here.

Abort, Retry, Fail

Abort, Retry, Fail video game Developed by Manpukuken Ramen and published by Manpukuken Ramen

Developed by Manpukuken Ramen and published by Manpukuken Ramen

Computers Gods finally grew tired of Larry the programmer's lazy bugs and cheap hacks. That's why they decided to give him the ultimate punishment - send Larry down the computer hell where our hero will have to generate his weapon in order to survive.


Abort, Retry, Fail is a fun top-down roguelike action in which you shoot your way through nasty electronic enemies in order to escape from computer hell of Windows 98.

Key Features:

Classic top-down roguelike

Dungeons in a style of Windows 98

Familiar enemies from your childhood

Endless weapon combinations

Gamepad support

Abort, Retry, Fail

Abort, Retry, Fail video game Developed by Manpukuken Ramen and published by Manpukuken Ramen video screen

More about this game here.

Shattered Planet

Shattered Planet video game by Kitfox Games

Made by Kitfox Games

a very good roguelike

The New Yorker

Shattered Planet is breathing new life into the rogue-like genre

45 Super Game Droid

frankly beautiful

CNET Australia

Explore a dangerous planet that's different every time and try to survive! The Galactic Union's job for you is clear: research the alien wildlife -- for science! However, in this case, researching may include lasers, explosions, hungry aliens, space sushi, and other similarly delicious-or-terrifying hazards.Whether you survive or die, you'll come away better than you started!Features:Procedurally generated levels200 items, from swords to cookies to grenadesAlien monsters to fight or befriendEveryone gets the same Daily Challenge - compare your progress with your friendsClass system - each clone skin has a different advantagePet cloning - maintain your companions' DNA in their own clone vat

Shattered Planet

More about this game here.

Stonegeon 迷石地牢

Stonegeon 迷石地牢 video game Developed by 面包鱼工作室 and published by 面包鱼工作室

Developed by 面包鱼工作室 and published by 面包鱼工作室

In the ancient ruins, a special magic circle leading to the dungeon suddenly appeared one day, and people attracted by the dungeon soon gathered in this ruins. As one of the adventurers attracted to the dungeon, can you survive the battle with the powerful monsters in the dungeon and explore the secrets hidden in the deepest part of the dungeon?

Stonegeon" is a 2D action-adventure game that combines collecting resources, making item and equipment. By collecting map resources that appear in specific dungeon, and collecting materials dropped by monster that appear in specific dungeon, to make new item and equipment, constantly challenge powerful monster in dungeon, and advance to deeper dungeon!

Collect Resource

Gather herbs, mine ores, cut down trees and other important resources on the map of constantly appearing monsters. Before fighting with monsters, you must first strive to survive in this mysterious dungeon.

Fight Monster

Monsters that only appear in the dungeon. Fight and defeat various monsters and collect materials that only monsters drop.

Make Item and Equipment

In order to advance to the deeper dungeon, more powerful item and equipment are required. Use the collected resources and materials to make healing potions, sharp swords and sturdy armor. Of course, better pickaxes can be made to mine ore faster.

Challenge Powerful Monster

Boss level monster only appear in dungeon with special layer. There is no doubt that the monster with the title of Boss is powerful, only in special layer appear, seemingly to resist the people exploring the dungeon to go deeper.

Search Mysterious Treasure Chest

A treasure chest that will randomly appear in a room in the dungeon. There are magical rings hidden in treasure chest that can improve the various ability of the character, the deeper that treasure chest appears in the dungeon, the ability of the ring is stronger.

Stonegeon 迷石地牢

Stonegeon 迷石地牢 video game Developed by 面包鱼工作室 and published by 面包鱼工作室 video screen

More about this game here.

Before The Last Hour

Before The Last Hour video game Developed by Lunaris Iris and published by Lunaris Iris

Developed by Lunaris Iris and published by Lunaris Iris

Time is no more, your world is frozen in a perpetual agony a moment before its end. You wake up in this desolate land, where most of the inhabitants are consumed by the Oblivion. An affliction that gradually erases their memories and personalities, turning them into empty shells, eternally condemned to wander aimlessly. It is up to you to meet the challenges of this world and find the origin of this apocalypse and, perhaps, bring it to an end.

You are the last adventurer in this land devastated by the end of the world and oblivion. Armed with a gauntlet that allows you to manipulate the continuum, an energy that permeates your entire world, you must find the origin of the end of time. Before the Last Hour is a roguelike, offering both rpg and deck builder components. Explore the wastelands, defeat ever more powerful and epic enemies to finally give your world the ending it has been waiting for.

Items, combos and bosses

Explore and equip yourself - Find and combine over 100 unique items to choose from to create a unique and powerful build. Upgrade and use unique weapons with over 60 different abilities to keep your adventures fresh.

Combine your cards - Use the cards you are given in combination with other cards and items for more powerful effects. With a 3-card combo system you'll have to think before you act to maximize your turns.

Fight unique monsters - Every battle for survival will be a challenge as the ancient monsters of the legends try to survive just like you. Fight unique and beautifully animated creatures in traditional 2D.

Amazing graphics

Traditional 2D animation - The graphics department has redoubled its efforts to produce hand-drawn animations and sets in traditional 2D animation, all served by an original art direction.

Great replayability

Thanks to a codex system allowing you to unlock new items, starting gifts and difficulty levels, each replay will bring you a lot of novelties to make your games more different and surprising.

Before The Last Hour

Before The Last Hour video game Developed by Lunaris Iris and published by Lunaris Iris video screen

More about this game here.


Gutwhale video game by Stuffed Wombat

Made by Stuffed Wombat

Gutwhale is a finite roguelite about managing the space between you and your ammo, while fighting your way through a digestive system!

Descend down into the guts, try to keep your ammo close, unlock weird hats and get crushed by a van!

While Gutwhales levels are randomly generated and can be played forever, the game has a definite ending that you can reach in 1 - 7 hours, depending on your experience with similar games!

Smooth Gameplay

3 Areas with unique enemies

Gamechanging Hats to unlock

Full Controller Support

Beating the game is only the beginning of the end

In the beginning of March I had to stop going to work because of the Corona Virus and started the development of Gutwhale.

Since then two amazing developers have joined the project and we will release Gutwhale in the beginning of April!

You can find more info on the game here:



More about this game here.

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