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Real-time strategy games to inspire, enlighten and possibly enrage... All this and more await gamers willing to pick these up and give them a go.

Ruin or Victory

Ruin or Victory video game Developed by Wedge End Games and published by Wedge End Games

Developed by Wedge End Games and published by Wedge End Games

Ruin or Victory is a modern take on the classic RTS genre with added detail, continuity, and strategic depth while remaining accessible and well-paced.

Game modes at release

A free-build mode with no opponent and optional tutorial hints. A complete user manual will be accessible in game while paused.

A scenario mode against an AI opponent that starts with a base and executes a predetermined strategy. Both the map and AI base will be randomized each game, and AI strategy, difficulty, game length, and other settings will be available.

Features at release

Random map generation with different terrain, resources, and starting positions each game. Create your own custom map configuration files to control most parameters of map generation.

An AI that does not cheat, but uses all the same mechanics that the player does. The AI will make decisions based only on what it has spotted.

An extensive, branching technology tree with new items, buildings, and abstract benefits. Some paths are exclusive to others and offer both advantages and disadvantages that define your strategy and playstyle. The tree starts in the stone age and ends at the early medieval age.

An organic population growth system that uses real-time food consumption, death due to starvation, and overcrowding factors. You will have to balance your population's growth, food production, and military size.

Skills for your peasants that are gained from their actions and significantly improve their efficiency. Various crafters make high quality items and are a strategic target, while skilled warriors take time to train but are dangerous in battle.

Rally system that allows you to set gather points for peasants and warriors separately and summon them as needed. Collect your idle peasants or rally your troops to their posts with any number of points that you place.

Domesticated animals that serve as more efficient farm and transport workers and enable the use of cavalry, but require food and training. Animals can be captured when their previous owners abandon them.

Continuity of resources and items presents a new strategy of logistics. All resources gathered and items made are physically present in the game world.

Resources must be moved to buildings for construction, can be taken out of the building by disassembling, and are lost when the building burns. Workshops that make items must have resources delivered, and the items must be moved and stored in armories.

Buildings and other constructs, such as siege equipment, require humans to operate, and can be captured if abandoned. Buildings captured from the enemy can be looted, burned, or used like your own buildings.

Warriors are equipped with custom sets of equipment that you design. Create armored archers or light spearmen to fend of cavalry. Every piece of a warrior's equipment will impact their speed and combat abilities. Carried items and resources are dropped on death, allowing the victor to loot the battlefield.

All of this detail is scaled to the strategic level. There are no inventory screens or per item management. Stored items and resources, warrior equipment, and item upgrades are managed in any quantity with a few button clicks. Peasants automatically find necessary items and buildings for pickup and drop-off, carrying out their tasks with an individual AI.

Selected humans, animals, and constructs are automatically categorized and sorted, allowing you to select by type, skill, or equipment quickly. An order queuing system allows you to chain orders and display them in the game world.

A clear user interface with customization options, intuitive hotkey navigation, and unlimited map zoom with scalable icons, is presented with original, stylized artwork and font.[list]

Features that will be added after release

Multiplayer, including cooperative play in all singleplayer modes, as well as PvP on any random map.

A skirmish gamemode in which the AI starts and builds up like the player.

Rivers and lakes that divide the map as well as island maps on the open ocean. Gather fish and fight the enemy with warships crewed by your warriors in ranged and boarding engagements.

Additional features will be free; there are no plans for paid DLC. This list is not e support and additional features will continue after release.

Ruin or Victory

Ruin or Victory video game Developed by Wedge End Games and published by Wedge End Games video screen

More about this game here.

More Like This


Abandoned video game by NeptunianEclipse

Made by NeptunianEclipse

You are stuck in a small space ship, separated from your crew and all outside communication. Your only hope for escape is to survive long enough to create a distress beacon and attract a rescue party, but the required parts are scattered around the "abandoned" alien ship your crew mates so mysteriously disappeared into. Fortunately, you have remote control of a robot that can explore the alien depths while you struggle to survive.

Made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 37 Jam.

Downloads at bottom of page.


Use Left Mouse to interact with objects.

Hold Right Mouse to speed up time.

Press Escape to end the game.


Your goal is to build and activate a rescue beacon.

The parts for the beacon are scattered about the alien ship.

Command your robot to explore the alien ship to find and retrieve the parts.

Throughout this you must keep a close watch on your own health, hunger, radiation etc., as well as the various systems on your small ship. You may need to turn off certain systems to conserve power, among other considerations.


The game balance is somewhat wonky, and the game can be pretty difficult to beat if you don't know what exactly how all the systems work. Unfortunately I ran out of time to balance the game properly. It is possible to beat however. Make sure you keep a constant eye on your player stats, and also on the oxygen level. Good luck!

Game audio is sparse.










Game submitted.

macOS build available.


Minor text fixes in starting log.

Slight performance enhancements. Windows and Linux builds available.


Fixed a game breaking bug where the oxygenator couldn't produce enough oxygen to offset the player's breathing, leading to inevitable death at a definite point in time.

Fixed the collision area for the water producer.


Fixed the reactor providing way too much power.

Fixed the flickering low supply levels message.


Fixed not being able to repair the water producer.

Fixed the robot control taking power.


More about this game here.


SOOT video game Developed by Ceiba Software and Arts

Developed by Ceiba Software and Arts

The world has lost its balance and a great danger looms humanity with the impending destruction of a cataclysmic event. The only hope resides in the technology to terraform the planet and reinstate the right conditions to avoid the tragedy.

The technology has been lost to the ages, mysticism, and superstition have taken over; but the key to the secret of terraforming lies in the hands of Laura McKenzie, a brave scientist determined to save her homeworld at all costs, and the ancient encoded manuscript that reached her hands in a fateful hour.

In SOOT the player takes control of that scientist learning about terraforming through a strategy simulation game with a delicate system of balances and counterbalances and a thrill-filled story with more than one secret about the world and the nature of the coming doom.

Each level of SOOT is a different planet, with specific conditions and a particular set of objectives.

An ancient journal falls into the hands of scientist Laura MacKenzie, with it she relives the experiences of Captain Cristopher Mason and uncovers the secrets of The Federation, a powerful and forgotten space-faring civilization that used advanced technology to terraform planets.

SOOT features a dramatic story filled with mysteries, conflicting interests, and a complex political agenda, all while struggling with the technological challenges of two eras clashing through the pages of the journal.

Experience SOOT's story through interactive comic books and in-level dialogs.

SOOT features 17 different planets, over 20 structures, and 14 interactive comic book scenes, all of them developed with special care and attention to detail. With a unique steampunk aesthetic, complex 3D modelling, and detailed illustrations, each moment in SOOT is a beauty to behold.

Deep thought provoking gameplay that promotes problem solving with a complex simulation system.Level-based progression that challenges the player along the story.Narrative driven with an engaging story presented through gameplay and interactive comic books.Stylized take on the sci-fi genre with a detail-rich Steampunk aesthetic.Mature discussion about how humanity influences the environment through technology.


SOOT video game Developed by Ceiba Software and Arts video screen

More about this game here.


からぱりうぉーず video game Developed by こおりみず

Developed by こおりみず

Colorful Party Wars" is a real-time simulation game based on the cute group "Colorful Party" (a.k.a. "Karapari") that is active on the social VR platform VRChat!

There are many club activities in Karapari!

Seitokai" to organize everyone

Dance club" that practices dance every Tuesday and Thurseday and has a presentation party once a month.

The "Housou Club" that delivers information about Karapari on an irregular basis.

Game club" where everyone plays together.


In order to put an end to the war between too many clubs, we will lead the club of your choice to victory!

Over 25 cute people will appear in the game!

Basically, there is a difficulty level that can be cleared from the beginning.

There is a difficulty level that can be cleared from the beginning, but as you play the game repeatedly, you will become stronger, and there are also elements to challenge difficulty levels that were impossible at first.

Enjoy playing in a way that suits your style of play!


からぱりうぉーず video game Developed by こおりみず video screen

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Astro Lords: Oort Cloud

Astro Lords: Oort Cloud video game by Astro Lords Dev

Made by Astro Lords Dev

Best Art Winner at Indie Game Cup 2015

Astro Lords is a free 3D MMO, Space RTS strategy game that combines the excitement of real time combat with construction management and strategy elements such as exploration, raiding and espionage.


Welcome to the Oort Cloud, a vast field of asteroids on the fringes of the solar system. As the leader of your asteroid, you must develop your stronghold by constructing facilities such as mines, power plants, factories and laboratories. Resources must be gathered, or stolen, in order to construct ammunition, cyborgs and spare parts for space ships to fuel your expansion.

As your empire grows, you will be able to capture more asteroids by colonizing empty ones, or capturing developed asteroids from your enemies. Astro Lords is the first MMO RTS to feature moving bases on a spherical map, putting you in the driver's seat. Will you maneuver your asteroid in pursuit of your enemies, flee from hostile foes, or explore the vast nebulae and discover alien ruins?


To maintain your power in the Oort Cloud, you'll need to have strong friends and rich enemies. Forge alliances with other players and help defend each other's asteroids, and send your spies to infiltrate and sabotage enemy bases. Lead daring raids against other players to steal their resources for yourself. Deploy Explorer cyborgs into the Cloud to discover ancient technology and mysterious artefacts. In the Oort Cloud, it's up to you whether you want to be a hero or the villain...


Leading the charge against your enemies are the Captains. You can recruit up to 6 Captains from 7 different classes. Will you recruit a Warrior and focus your efforts on combat? A Scientist, to boost your research output? A Spy, to keep tabs on other Astro Lords and alien bases? With over 50 different skills to develop, you can tailor your Captains to suit your gameplay style. Each Captain can be fully controlled in battle against other players and AI alien enemies, and will fight to defend your base while you're offline too.

Captains and starbases can be improved through skills, runes, artefacts and officers, giving you complete control over your combat style and abilities.

The click-and-drag Artillery style combat in Astro Lords provides fast-paced real-time combat (think Worms, but without having to wait your turn! ) Players can choose between a number of different battle modes including Team Deathmatches, Duels, Boss Fights and Alien Challenges.

As an MMO in constant development, Astro Lords receives free regular updates containing new game features and improvements. We'd love to welcome you to our Community, as the game continues to grow and evolve, pushing the Sci-Fi MMO to the next level.

Your support, questions and comments would be greatly appreciated!

Astro Lords: Oort Cloud

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Nova Empire

Nova Empire video game Developed by Gamebear Tech and published by Aquila Interactive Co., Limited

Developed by Gamebear Tech and published by Aquila Interactive Co., Limited

To achieve domination of the galaxy, you will immerse yourself in action-packed space battles, define your space strategy, forge alliances among other players, and use a space base spaceship builder to develop your space station and dominate the universe.

Find out why this is one of the most thrilling and exciting sci fi spaceship games!

Challenge other players worldwide in epic Interstellar Battles

Develop your strategy to establish space domination! Command space and conquer other commanders in one of the most engaging strategy games. Fight in intense universe PvP battles against hostile commanders spaceships. Your skills as a commander will be tested vigorously in a battle for control of the galaxy!

Customize your fleets and build your Space Empire

Using a spaceship builder, you will customize your fleets and prepare them for space domination! Customize your fleet by unlocking unique weapons and armor and become the most powerful commander in the galaxy! Send your spaceships out to scan for enemy fleets or to battle and conquer your rivals. Unlock space frigates, drones, cruisers, and more spaceships!

Decide your strategy and conquer the galaxy

Design a space strategy capable of dominating enemy alliances and controlling the galaxy! Decide early on how to manage your resources in this universe (energy, minerals, crystals and alloy). Create a fleet strategy with your allies, whether you want to prepare for an all-out attack with dreadnoughts or an agile attack fleet of light cruisers, the decision is yours. Recruit admirals from your academy and guide your fleets to victory!

Develop your space station using a space base builder

As a Commander, you oversee building up a space base from scratch! Construct your space station by building energy plants, trading posts, and defense modules to protect your space station from enemy attacks! Strengthen your space empire by building research labs, naval academies and a ship design center! Upgrade and unlock new versions of your building to create the most powerful empire in the galaxy and defeat your rivals!

Create Alliances - Team up with other commanders

In this sci fi multiplayer space game you can forge alliances from across the galaxy. Control entire galaxy sectors in the universe and fight alongside allies versus your rivals with a planned space strategy! Join legions and help your fellow commanders acquire weaponry, construct a space station, and acquire resources faster. Help your allies! Count on your fellow commanders to defend from outside attacks and to plan raids in other space battles, join forces with your allies to defeat your rivals!

Nova Empire

Nova Empire video game Developed by Gamebear Tech and published by Aquila Interactive Co., Limited video screen

More about this game here.

Rule The World CHESS

Rule The World CHESS video game Developed by King Pegasus and published by King Pegasus

Developed by King Pegasus and published by King Pegasus

In the medieval times there used to be battles, kingdoms used to fight to conquer each other, and on that concept a game was created named "Chess".

Experience those fights in the Real world as well as Demon world graphics.

The game is not limited to human characters but also has a variety of Demonic characters and a lot of customizations for every character!


OFFLINE : Play with computer AI in offline mode.

ONLINE : Play with anyone in the world.


3D Realistic maps to experience game in real world graphics!

Playable with a lot of customizations on every piece - King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook and Pawn. Can customize them individually!

Can also play with 3D Chess Pieces if don't want to play with 3D Characters

Various Animations

Weapon Customizations

SuitSkinHair Customizations

Weapon effects

Magical Experience

Cinematic Experience

Share your suggestions

Share your ideas to improve the game with us. We are great listeners!


Rule The World CHESS

Rule The World CHESS video game Developed by King Pegasus and published by King Pegasus video screen

More about this game here.


iubes video game by codrer

Made by codrer

iubes are


cubes and

we hate

them all.

iubes is a god game in real time strategy.

IMPORTANT: iubes-1 server as been shut down on september 2017 after 4 years of service. It's time for iUBES:2 server to take over!


A free demo version will be released on itchio in 2018. Cheers!


iubes are intelligent cubes: they gather food, seek for materials, fight and defend by themselves, and aren't asking for micro management.

It doesn't quite look like anything else ... fascinating stuff."


The way everything looks in the game is simple and simply wonderful [...] IUBES really stands out as a fun strategy game to play."


A wonderful art style and some great ideas."


I really can't describe this thing, this game is weird. In a super good way."



More about this game here.

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